Jun 06

🔥काश CHEVROLET यहाँ होती🔥 ये बेहतरीन गाड़ियां होती आपक पास 🔥 Come Back CHEVROLET| ASY

Chevrolet left INDIA in late 2017 but company did not left world,products of chevrolet which were once launched in india have got next generations which are damn sexy then before…
watch them now!
#asy #cardrive #chevrolet


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  1. vishwas M

    Now I have decided…. Final… Good video

  2. Alok Ranjan

    I still use Beat Diesel run about 120000 T km & it's performance is still awesome…

  3. Kulwinder kaur Kalsi

    Please come Chevrolet company


    I love cruise

  5. Aditya Solanki

    Bhai aap ke pass konse car hai

  6. Anjali Sharma

    Malibu and LT work truck sahi baat h

  7. Ak photography

    I have beat in india what will happen

  8. mr maker

    Chevrolet name also should be charged


    BLAZER looks like the MG Hector

  10. अतंरयामी BbàBbà

    Bhai mejhe lagta hai ki ap gussa hue the wo apki bat sahi v hai Chevrolet KO India me hona hi thahie tha

  11. Tanay Maithani

    Bhai tu Chevrolet Camaro, Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray bhool gaya

  12. PHD vlogs

    Bhai mere pas cruze hai

  13. manzoor ahmad manzoor ahmad

    All cars nyc Cruz blazer 2019

  14. Shreyash Thombare

    Chevrolet please come back in India🇮🇳 😍😍

  15. sandeep pathania

    yes .. Chevrolet is best

  16. Shubham Rana

    Are cars are freaking awesome. Hum indians ko costly product pasand nahi aata indians k paas cars ka matlav sirf ALTO 🤮🤮🤮🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤮🤮🤮KASH CHEVROLET INDIA MEIN HOTA

  17. Amar Deep

    Yes i want it to get back

  18. mtv vlog

    Chevrolet for sexy car 😂😘😘😘

  19. Ràpido Gaming

    Aveo UVA aur sail ke sath meri bohot sari achi aur buri yade judi h

  20. Kishor Prasad

    Well said sir THIS IS THE RELATY

  21. Bewakoof Londa Live

    Blazer is my favourite

  22. Rahul Patel

    Aakhir burayi kya hai chevrolet me, badiya hai value for money bhi hai agar compare kare to, kuch difference hosakta hai, resale value to public ka nazariya hai, baki na samje ko kuch nai karsakte, chevrolet aajaye to bahut accha hoga india me. Mere liye chevrolet acchi hai..

  23. Priyanku Saikia

    Chevrolet come back to India

  24. yuvraj Joshi

    I like sail sedan and cruise

  25. akash leaving on the edge

    maaruti dbaa hi hai… i have chevrolet aveo

  26. vipin narad

    Cruze sabse best hai yaar all time it is fantastic

  27. Susanta Das

    Jarurr ayaga Travers
    Most popular all is good

  28. Prashant Joshi

    @ASK. You are right, aise logo k lye dabbe k jaise maruti swift he achi hain..ya phr vo ghtiya boring dashboard vaali or design vaali vitara brezza.

  29. Harshu Vishu Patil


  30. SREEjith R

    Welcome back world most selling automotive 🥰

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