Mar 16

1000HP Supercharged Chevelle Custom Build – Restomod Project

This 1970 Chevelle named “Villain” is a 3 year build project. When the owner brought this Chevelle into Detroit Speed, it was already in pretty good shape — it even had a 502ci big-block Chevy under the hood. Most people would have been happy with this setup, but the owner wanted more from his car. Basically, the goal was to build a Super car that could be a daily driver.


Engine: Mast Motorsports LSX Black Label 427
ECU: Holley Dominator tuned for pump, E-85, and race gasoline
Induction: Whipple 4.0L supercharger
Transmission: Bowler Performance 4L80E
Suspension: Complete Detroit Speed overhaul
Brakes: Corvette ZR1 carbon-ceramic
Wheels: Forgeline ZX3P 19×10.5 front, 20×12 rear
Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport 275/35 front, 345/30 rear

Built by:
Detroit Speed Inc.
185 McKenzie Rd.
Mooresville, NC 28115
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  1. dziecioł.

    What is that outfit 0:50

  2. Дмитрий Лебедев

    Произведение искусства! Умеют же грамотно делать

  3. Slick Ratchet

    Funded by George Soros

  4. andrei10

    Это шедевр!

  5. Павел Владимирович

    Идеально! Perfect!

  6. Walter Palmer

    A classic style, if ever there was one. For me, I’d never dog this car. Too beautiful.
    I couldn’t take the chance on wrecking this build.

  7. Rod Sapyta

    GREAT Video. HOW MUCH??$$ I had a 1970, in 1979,sold her in 1981. WOW.I miss her.

  8. Marc Lehmann

    I'm from Germany and i love the stuff on this channel. God damn, i want to build this stuff too.

  9. TheRusty26


  10. Дмитрий Ершов


  11. Ruslanas Zarunskas

    that's the best Chevelle I've seen. my dream!

  12. RayfieldA

    Man!! The End of this video is a real Pay Off!! That exhaust sounds Sooo AMAZING!!!! Pure Music!!! I'd love to hear that screaming up from behind, on the freeway, in the middle of the night!!

  13. Juls Amez

    1000 HP ! 😍

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