Jun 22

180w LED Spot light bar and 27w LED flood lights


IG: Mrbanana02
These are some lights that I just added to my Jeep.

NOTE: The output in this video is not even close to the real output!
The flood lights alone shine


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  1. Brian Mboya

    Hello.. i've really liked the flood lights – the 180w LED Spot light bar and 27w LED flood lights – how much do they cost and whats the warranty?

  2. David Hammar

    Great video, thank you! =)

  3. beefcake3131

    You should stare at that light for a long time to toughen up your eyes.

  4. Christmas Gummyworm

    I have a ram with a brush guard. I'm planning on putting lights in the middle of the brush guard and a roof light bar.. Where do you recommend I put spot lights and flood lights

  5. Duffy Conlon

    fucking awesome nice video man

  6. Shinka Wave'

    this guy is Alan Wake

  7. justin elliott

    What brand is your light bar sir? I always go with tuff offroad lights from Amazon. I have a 89 Jeep cherokee XJ with a Roof Rack and a Smittybilt XRC 9500lb winch. I also have a 4.5 Rough country lift which im going to run till I can save up to convert it over to a rough country 6.5 lift. just have to get a adjustable track bar, adjustable control arms lower and upper. Anyways I have 2 tuff brand led 4in lights on my A-pillars with the Rough country A-pillar brackets to mount them. Then I ordered a Turbo 180W Flood And Spot Combo Beam Led light bar which was suppose to be here today by at 8pm which never happened. any who I have 2 more tuff led 4in lights thats on my roof rack that I use for backup lights cause its hard to see on the trails at night. not sure how this led light bar is going to perform but I really like how your light bar performs. the one I have im probably going to put on my bumper so I can see to run the winch line to a tree. Im Sure the spot light will shine to a tree so I can see. Im going to run another light bar on the roof rack in the front that's really going to light up the trail. Im running dual batteries using the amazon kit from amazon so I don't worry about my batteries going dead lol. The main battery starts the jeep while the other one runs all my assessories like my lights winch and so on. Im thinking about putting 1 on the sides of my rack so I can see in front/back/left and right. so I'll have or will have 2 light bars in the front. 2 on my A-pillars brackets, 2 for backup lights, 1 on each side of the roof rack so I can to the sides. these 2 are debatable. I just need to know what size, brand your Led Light Bar is cause I need one that bright for my front and im thinking of using spot lights in the rough country brackets so I can shine them to where im going to run the winch line if I get stuck (fingers crossed that I dont) lol. since I told you everything else about my Jeep I'll go the rest and say im going to 33 10/50s. Im been checking amazon and they have them steel black rims for like 40 bucks a piece. Im thinking of running them treadwright tires from amazon? I'll have to do more research on them since they are recap tires.

  8. ElkLover

    Them reverse lights can help some lady's backup. (I hope) got permission to park new corvette in neighbors driveway. End of scrapes $$$$.

  9. Jon card

    Who makes this light bar? Id like to get a 240watt 50 inch.

  10. jose barrera

    R this lights legal in the city limits

  11. flex93312

    Those are freaking bad ass!

  12. Johnathan Hatley

    I was expecting something to jump out and scare me. XD

  13. Darren Etengoff

    Do you still have this on here. I know you said they've held up for a year. What about two years? Have they held up, any problems, What brand are they? Thanks a ton, Looks amazing

  14. grant Cash

    Hey can't wait to get my truck in 4 years 😂😂😂

  15. Off road Led light bar

    yes,small one is good too. And super bright at night

  16. Ken Warner

    I have a jeep yj and would like the same bar. please let us know the brand and part number. theres a lot to choose from. thanks

  17. tyler yost

    Did you use a resistor or something so it wasn't a strain on the battery and alternator cuz I've been 3 alternators with my light bar and I havnt used it much just wondering if you had aftermarket alternator or something to help thanks

  18. hjuyghjy

    and then he said lets get out and look and was never heard from again

  19. Anderson McIntosh

    What brand light bar did you get?

  20. ctlorenzo78

    sweeeeeet nice job man

  21. afnhbt2

    Hi man.
    say, can I find it in ebay? is there a link you can share?
    I want these lights : )

  22. Gwen Freeman

    what brand of ligh bar? an how big?

  23. SuperCoding

    So given all the parts you had to buy, what was the final cost? Thanks

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