Nov 08

1965 Chevrolet Impala V8 – Original Interior – Country Classic Cars

1965 Chevrolet Impala from Country Classic Cars in Staunton, IL. Thanks for taking a look!


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  1. Thomas Barnard

    My Grandfather had one almost identical to this one back in the day…

  2. Steven Gibson

    One Really Nice Chevorlet Impala,I like the paint,inside,and a all around Classic.!!!!!!!!

  3. Gerry Hamm

    Very nice Impala. with just a little work it could be really sweet. We enjoy your videos. Thanks for posting!

  4. Robert Butler

    I bought a new 66 impala 2door ht 283 with 3 on a tree good car but real heavy.

  5. citizen-x

    I saw that price tag of 18,000, then remembered back in 1974 buying a used one in pretty nice condition for a few hundred dollars as my first car
    in high school

  6. gene978

    OK Jeff, Thanks for finding it for me. hehe

  7. ps3613t

    If the seat is original then I bet the 283 is too. The 283 with a power glide was a good combo. I remember the whine the power glides made when they were in neutral or park. After the shift linkage got wore some they would rattle when the car was sitting still. My aunt and uncle bought one of these new. I thought it was a strange color combination. It was a maroon outside with bright red interior. Thanks for giving us a look at this one.

  8. Stephen Smart

    Nice looking Chevrolet lmpala ld' Probably Change the Valve Covers & the Air Cleaner they Would look great in Chrome best Wishes Jeff from the UK

  9. V8AmericanMuscleCar

    65 is great looking Impala! This rear end is NICE!!

  10. joey jenks

    It's so nice I wouldn't mind owning it myself ,sleek design , a fast back looks Fast standing still

  11. southernfriedhippie

    We built a couple of 65s when I was a teenager. Fun cars. This is a great example! If I had a place to keep it I would seriously consider this one. 😁 Great car…..

  12. 805ROADKING

    Nice clean piece!! From the looks of the interior I bet that 94K on the odometer is correct!!☺

  13. Ener Rivers

    I remember those 283ci 2bbl with a 2spd automatic powerglide. My aunt had 1 she bought brand new. In '73 my dad had a Buick Riviera GS STAGE 1. My brother and me would race em. It wouldn't beat the Buick, but, it still was fast. All stock so for a big Chevy it was light, I would SURPRISE many street lights racers if I took off just before the green light. Sounded great too. No smog equipped. Straight up leaded regular. Fun, & less thirstier than my dad's Riviera.


    Very nice … Love the 68 CAPRICE model myself but we'll kept up car…

  15. 1963impala2dr

    sweet little Chevy… I hope Jorden is able to pick one up when the time is right 🙂

  16. bisquik3006

    I can't really determine my favorite year of the deer, but 65 is in there for sure.

  17. Whitey

    Very nice 65 Impala, always thought the styling was a big jump from the 1964. I believe this was first year for the solid lifter 396 engine as well. Maybe that was an SS option only, don't know.

  18. Dan Heaton

    I definitely agree with you on the valve covers and air intake, put them back to stock and it will look ten times better.

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