Apr 22

2001 Chevrolet S10 Single Cab – One Take

This 2001 Chevrolet S10 single cab pickup features the 4.3L “Vortec” V6, a lightly modified suspension, and is the owners commuter for a 100+ mile round trip every day. Despite how these trucks resonate in our memories, we find this 160,000 mile example to be extraordinarily tight and surprisingly nice to drive with great inputs, a good ride, and decent handling. We could even call it fun!


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  1. Stas G.

    who else remembers the show Street outlaws with the gmc Sonoma truck in Oklahoma

  2. iDrive4fun93

    This is what draws me to this channel, when I see reviews like this. Awesome review, awesome little truck, the owner was cool, well spent 15 minutes imo.

  3. papapetad

    Speaking of low trucks…the australian ford and holden "utes" are basically truck versions of the sedans with a unibody front and a rear tray on leaf springs attached. They look really cool. They can't handle as much load as a classic truck but still haul a fair amount and I've seen a pair with over 700hp on a race track once. So they can be made to handle well around a circuit. Best of both worlds should you need such flexibility from your truck. I'm guessing they never exported the ute versions to the US though…

  4. Hamdan Alharbi

    why don't you have an open mind then about rotary? #rotariesforlife

  5. Matt Newman

    Dude. This is one of my very favorite motors. I had a 2002 Sonoma.

  6. GreenJeep1998

    That's interesting, I've got airshocks on my XJ Cherokee (stock height 4×4) and typically 34-40psi worked well for daily use (I like 36psi in the shocks and all 4 tires) and have gone upwards of 80psi if I've got heavy stuff in the back (like Mom's mobility scooter, oddly, also around 400lbs….) too. I figured those were numbers that primarily worked on XJ's!

    BTW, nice S10, can't find anything that old around me in that good of shape any more……sadly, my Jeep included.

  7. Mike Haskell

    Aierene ? Get the QA-1 swap. I did the 67-69 Camaro fronts and ride height matched rears on a 4-link on my 98' Tacoma. I have made many a man feel inadequate and confused.

  8. mason l

    I own this same truck (stepside) with a cold air,headers, cat back,high flow mass air and a chip. Absolutely love it, had 3000 when i got it over 200k now, rolled it twice through a creek in ky but she still chirps third. So cool to see this on The Smoking Tire!

  9. Niko Robertson

    who else rekens the guest looks like Ragnar from vikings? he has the same smiling eyes

  10. Robert Nugent

    If you're open to different stuff, try out a Saturn SC2 or SL2. They have a small but passionate following and they are pretty much the cheapest car you can buy. Parts are dirt cheap too. I think you'd be pleasantly surprised. I bought one as a beater once, but I ended up loving that little thing and daily drove it for 5 years. Super light chassis (about 2300lbs in coupe form), peppy with only 125hp because it's so light, and with some very minor suspension tweaks (slight negative camber all 4 corners, 0 toe up front, slight positive toe out back, aftermarket struts) the thing was amazing in the canyons for a FWD setup. Oh, and the drag coefficient is about .3 on those, so they get over 40mpg on the highway. Wish I still had it now, just had no place to park it when I got a new daily.

  11. Andrew Lee

    i learned stick in one

  12. Scott Ryman

    My uncle has a dime as a drag truck. Older body than that from the 80s with a small block 350. Runs 12s.

    I do like the oddball vehicles. I've always said I'd modify any car I bought to my taste, and so far I have. I feel like a lot of the people that bring out the weird stuff are the same way. The modded Camry, this S10, that van with a toilet in the back, anything Corbin Goodwin touches. It's just a love of making your car your own.

  13. moeblisss12

    I love, love, love these odd cars. Keep it up.

  14. Oscar Hernandez


  15. (-_-(-_OBED-DZ_-)-_-)

    Chevy For Ever❤️????

  16. Anthony Renzi

    I have 99 s10 2.2l and it's fun and easy to drive like Matt was saying, but it's a total bitch to work on! I'd rather work on a Mercedes then a 2nd gen Chevy s10

  17. ivorton23

    I actually like these little s10s they're pretty kool little trucks

  18. kroffustsnail

    I will no longer hate these things. only the guys who think they're hotter poop than this dude

  19. Bittertokken

    Are throttle body spacers really still a thing?

  20. DarkNight

    Do a modified Japanese mini pickup

  21. TheMirageowner

    I have had (2) S10's. The first being a 1992 Ext. Cab V6 (non vortec) and a 2001 Sonoma (GMC version) extended cab V6 Vortec. Both were exceedingly reliable and I describe the the V6 power as effortless( it really seemed like the engine was never stressed). The interior pieces will become brittle and rattle but the engine/trans are pretty bulletproof

  22. flunk77

    I'd like to see a modded Genesis Coupe, thinking of getting one because they're unbelievably cheap used.

  23. flunk77

    I normally dislike lowered cars, but this looks good. Didn't know they ever made an S10 with a stick.

  24. Paul Trahan

    Great video! I just picked up a 1997 S10 extended cab, 5speed, and step side. The truck actually needs some work, chief among them is a transmission. This video has inspired me to crack down and work on it more.

  25. Hypervoid89

    The tats and the beard and then I heard the name Aryan or however you would spell his name, like the Aryan Brotherhood lol! I was like Oh shit!

  26. Grant Possehl

    I was surprised to see this on here, especially with so few mods, but I'm glad to see it as I have a little soft spot for this generation of S trucks–my first car.

    Semi-pro tip: Upgrade to the Blazer brakes (front and rear) and you'll be impressed. Dual pistons up front and discs in the rear will have that thing stopping on a dime (pun intended).
    And underdrive pulley and an Electric radiator fan will really free up the revs in that 4.3.

  27. Mid Ohio Valley Car Enthusiast, MOVCE

    good looking truck… ls1 w/t56 would be an epic win

  28. Frandy Hdez

    drop a 5.3 and call out some vettes

  29. gtrtalon45

    My 98 sonoma has 324K miles on it and the engine is still smooth. I love the old thing..nice to see this review.

  30. brian5o

    Very, very nice S-10. I sure miss mine, it was a 1995 extended cab with the 4.3 V6 and 5-speed. I took it on many, many road trips and was still running strong at 150,000 miles when i traded it in. I sure wish that i would have held on to it.

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