Jun 11

2010 Nissan NP200

2010 Nissan NP200″”

The Nissan NP 200 is a Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) designed for the emergent markets and is built in South Africa at Nissan’s Rosslyn plant, north of Pretoria. The vehicle was designed for light duty commercial purposes and competes against models like the Peugeot Hoggar and Fiat Strada.

The Nissan NP 200 comes as a replacement for the old 1400 model and it’s powered by a highly efficient 1.6 liter engine which delivers a maximum output of 85 hp and 128 Nm of torque. Thanks to its torquey engine, the vehicle has a maximum load capacity of 800 kg. The Nissan NP 200 is offered with a class-leading warranty of 6 years or 150 000km.

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