Dec 04

2014 Nissan NP200 Special 001

This offer is no longer valid. However, you can visit our website to view all our current offers and many more great deals” provided that the dealership is still open – www.cmhnissan.co.za

The Nissan Navara NP200 Special is great deal and is valid from April to June 2014.

For more information during this period go to http://www.carshop.co.za/ and click on the Nissan specials banner.

This campaign has now ended!

Disclaimer: This material is not property of Carshop but represents the manufacturers, dealerships, suppliers and brands that we work with along with second hand vehicles that come through our stores and are displayed from time to time on showroom floors. Images, videos, music and other media is used only for awareness and message value. We would like to thank all parties and individuals featured on Carshop TV for access to this incredible material and the opportunity to share it.

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