May 17

2015 Isuzu MU-7 AT | Exclusive Review | CarDekho.com

Watch Isuzu MU7 Expert Review by CarDekho. Know more about MU7 at http://www.cardekho.com/carmodels/Isuzu/Isuzu_MU_7

Isuzu MU 7 | Expert Review

The luxury SUV MU7 has a massive body structure with bold cosmetics unlike other vehicles in its class. Its front facade has a unique radiator grille that is done up with extensive chrome treatment. Adding to its bold appeal is the masculine body coloured bumper that has a large fog lamp console with chrome garnish.

With the ISUZU MU-7, style and sophistication are made effortless. Featuring dual-tone dashboard with high gloss lacquered wood, the ISUZU MU-7 also comes with steering mounted audio controls. For sheer class and finesse, nothing comes close to the ISUZU MU-7.

Engine and Performance:
ISUZU MU-7 has a highly acclaimed engine which provides top performance. The engine of MU7 SUV comes with Automatic Transmission. The control, the supremacy and the technology all these things in the ISUZU MU-7 automatic gives it ultimate authority on the roads. The SUV also comes with an add-on turbocharger that uses recycled exhaust gases to increase power. It let you take on any terrain effortlessly at ease. A powerful 3.0 Litre engine delivers 160bhp of power at 3600 rpm and a peak 360Nm of torque. The result is fair mileage and an unbeaten performance.

Overall, the SUV is a decent package in its segment. Isuzu MU7 presently competes with Toyota Fortuner, Ford Endeavour, Hyundai Santa Fe and Chevrolet Captiva in its class.


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  1. Aayush Bhingare

    that is a very nice vehicle and isuzu manufactures one of the best diesel engines…….. but no way anyone i paying 29 lacs on road for this. should have been somewhere near 16-17 max.

  2. lokesh melunde

    typically out dated ! by looks , maybe the motor is powerful but not enough to satisfy us.

  3. Vaibhav Cahuhan

    Bring in the brand new ISUZU mu x and watch toyota crying

  4. Shameer Ahmed

    Isuzu is best

  5. Tanmay Deshpande

    Isuzu did late entry into the Indian market….consumers have moved on and expectations are much higher than previous days….if it would have been launched at the time of ford endeavour in 2010 then story would be slightly different. Isuzu shall work a lot to understand Indian automobile sector to be a tough contender. But review is good. Test driver is so thorough with his knowledge. Pretty cool

  6. Nasrin Nasrin-

    where is the auto ac
    but its a nice vehicle

  7. Ranjeev Joseph

    Wow, what a review! Please make all reviews like this!


    no Isuzu, is a Japanese commercial vehicles and diesel engine manufacturing company

  9. Hari Rfm

    Reviews getting better.. 🙂
    thats a lotta body roll it seems


    Is Isuzu an Indian company

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