Jul 21

2016 Bakkie Shootout

The only question we hear almost as frequently as ‘What is the best hatchback/sedan/sports car/bakkie?’ is ‘Please can you do more shootouts?’ There is something to be said for comparing vehicles from the same segment back to back, in order to form a more objective opinion but there are a number of challenges involved in setting up these shootouts. First of all you need to assemble comparable models simultaneously, then you need to gather up a group of seasoned road testers, which is seldom an easy task. You also need to devise a series of tests or evaluation criteria in order to compare apples with apples, so to speak. A grand undertaking to be sure but one whose end more than justifies the means, as we found out when we lined up four of SA’s top bakkie contenders.


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  1. zerocool

    Sponsored by Ford.

  2. King

    … Melrose Arch… pretty sure most want to know how they handle offroad

  3. Hapson Mavhiki

    the ranger is far much better

  4. BMWcarguyE36 Cars

    I'm obsessed with the ranger

  5. Jaime T Rubio III

    the ranger is the strongest Ute it's the first and the hilux is just the fourth one.

  6. Sean Fenwick

    I see the Amarok had some damage to the plastic wheel arch.

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