Jul 28

2016 Isuzu Mu-X 4×2 LS-A AT FULL REVIEW

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  1. Ail Saeed

    I think hilux much better than isuzu demax


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  3. randolph mamaril

    already bought my pearl white unit

  4. DRAKE A.

    Wow i love it..ill buy soon when i visit or ill take a vacation?????

  5. deakon frost

    where is the usb port located?

  6. Alyssa Uy

    patrick i hope you can review the 2016 isuzu mu x with new features and the 2016 montero sport GLS PREMIUM.

  7. charly togelang

    Dont buy dmax, rough engine, slow, too much vibration, hard suspension, got no vgs on my 3.0 2013, european already got that specification, dont trust internet specification before the products come to the market

  8. Daryl Dominic

    pls do a review on new montero 2016 base variant the 1.5m :)

  9. ballstein30

    How is the cabin noise inside the mu-x when the car is running? Can you always hear the engine?

  10. Jermelyn Saron

    sir saan po yung cruise control? isn't it that the ls-a variants both manual and automatic has it? correct me if im wrong.

  11. Ricky Ramirez

    pls review Isuzu crosswind

  12. GTX Boy

    This is my new fav suv cuz of its lcd screen

  13. Minecraft_ Hans201Playz

    Yea we bought a mux 3.0 it's soo cool

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