Aug 29

2017 Chev Utility bakkie in Boksburg

As soon as we stopped there the suspects ran away. They got stuck in the mud.


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  1. Chris Van Tonder

    Hi Anton, thanks for keeping us east-randers safe. Been thinking instead of pressing on your hooter forever in traffic, you should install multiple hooters of varying frequencies seeing as you are prohibited from using a siren?

  2. lekkernaafi ouman

    Awesome work you doing Keep it up…

  3. Pieter van Wyk

    Top class in-car entertainment

  4. M Van Rensburg

    Also watch all your vids. Keep uploading!Thanks for your part in fighting crime!

  5. Bobby John

    Love your videos Anton. South African in the U.K.

    What car are you guys driving? That thing moves!

  6. Dakalo J Khakhu

    Wow…nice work guys

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