Sep 12

2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV: Regular Car Reviews

We drive and review Chevy’s budget electric car: The Bolt.



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  1. Owen Som

    I agree totally with the seats. I'm a bigger guy – 6'2" 250, and my mom owns one of these cars. I've driven it several times and I've never sat in a worse fitting seat then this car. Cheap, bad padding, and small. A huge misstep in designing this car

  2. Swahny

    Your use of video stabilization always fucks with the shot. Its been going on for a long time. Shit warps and morphs in an acid trip kinda way

  3. 04dram04

    I like the shifter

  4. Jachin Rivers

    Pedestrian warning noise is unfortunately a regulatory thing.

  5. SoberKennedy

    The first 37 seconds were brown. Very brown.

  6. Uknown_History-7

    Doug did it first

  7. David Mead

    The reason for the limiter is the tires… tires limited to 93 is the average economy tires

  8. hulk hogan

    Those noisemakers aren't for other cars, they're for the benefit of blind people, who complained that they couldn't hear electric cars and so were worried they'd try to cross the street at the wrong time and get hit.

    It's the same reason why European crosswalks make a dinging noise when it's safe to walk.

    The more you know.

  9. Roman Bukins

    You have joined the RCR yoga class, please feel free to relax. Lay down and take a deep breath to channell ALL THE SHIT OUT!!!

  10. Iain Hendry

    93 mph = 150 km/h

  11. Brad Lancaster

    im 3:10 in and am reminded of dan carlins "distroyer of worlds" where he compares Truman with todays grandparents who can't use there Iphones. I'm saying is that Bolt is the chevy old people buy to impress one another and complain about it and the youth all at the same time.

  12. Push Back

    11:46 is my new ringtone.

  13. Baily DenhHouten

    Bland ugly bullshit

  14. Push Back

    I know it's a small car, but goddamn. 45 mph looks like Mach 1.

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