Jan 02

2017 Chevrolet Camaro – Review and Road Test

The Chevrolet Camaro now transcends its muscle-car roots, becoming something altogether new: a sports coupe so sophisticated you’d think it was born in Europe.

For the latest Chevy Camaro pricing and information:

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  1. dropout0110

    another 1500 if you want an automatic transmission and get a sex change while you're at it. livin the dream in the current year

  2. dropout0110

    Oh wow Someday I want to get the supercool 14 speed automatic that does 0 to 60 8 seconds and gets really good fuel efficiency.

  3. Sanchu Veddimash

    so beaut.
    which engine model can use normal 87 octane gas without damaging the engine???

  4. 2010cyberguy

    2:00 "Believe it or not………and I've been known to lie" LMFAO

  5. daskriege

    Vlasuk sounds like a Ukrainian family name

  6. CircularSquare

    can you guys please review the dodge charger

  7. AlienNinjaPuppy

    Oh and this car looks like a dart lmao

  8. AlienNinjaPuppy

    this and mustangs are too common. they are boring and looks outdated FAST. yawn!

  9. Richie

    Damn these cars are cheap in the US… You almost get 2 in the US for the price of 1 in Sweden.

  10. Andrew Curtis

    The best part in this video is when he passed the mustang.

  11. Gorbachev 76

    I always hear reviewers talk about visibility. I have no problems seeing out of my 2016.

  12. Qua D

    16 look better

  13. PancakeCrownRBLX

    Camaros are awesome.. I remember the movie Transformers and my favorite was always bumblebee, he's awesome.

  14. krocialblack

    The Camaro, Mustang and Challenger where never "muscle cars". They where always pony cars. A cross between muscle car and sports car. The last true muscle cars we have left is the Charger and Chevy SS.

  15. Magazine Ceiao

    I love this channel

  16. Handsome B Wonderful

    rs? really….

  17. leinad95

    Quiter ? Gmfu

  18. Steven Simons

    GM KILLED THE CAMARO, it looks to EUROPEAN, with the back end, There was a time you KNEW the car in front of was a CAMARO, now it just looks like a MAZDA or any other car, yea, it has a big engine, so what? Engines are put into all cars, 1970 Camaro now has a LS3 in it. . 55 chevys have LS1. THe Camaro USED TO have a Style that meant FAST, POWERFUL, COOL LOOKING, of course I know I am going to get a LOT of flack on this comment, but it is my OPTION and GM KILLED THE CAMARO, Watch sales, then we will see who is right.

  19. trebombs4life

    no hand brake thats bullshit

  20. Daniel Gaskell

    Best complete review I've seen in a long time….Thank you.

  21. Paulina O.

    Please do a 2017 Chevy Sonic (hatch) review

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