Apr 09

2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1: Meet the Supercar Destroying Camaro! – Ignition Ep. 168

On this episode of Ignition presented by Tire Rack (http://www.tirerack.com), MOTOR TREND’s Senior Features Editor Jonny Lieberman sets out to discover just what makes the new Camaro ZL1 tick — tick like a bomb, that is. The new ZL1 is the most powerful production Camaro ever. With 650 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque, the ZL1 sports more grunt than most supercars. But is it any good in a straight line? What about around corners? Or on a Willow Springs’ big track in the hands of pro racer Randy Pobst? And just how many sets of rear tires will Chevrolet give him? There’s only one way to find out!

Ignition appears every other Monday on the Motor Trend Youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/motortrend

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  1. soleychrist

    Hey this car isn't just a muscle car … but watch me just do burnouts …

  2. MrKalashnik0va

    Flame war in the comment section, color me shocked.

  3. Taiga Degurechaff

    I took about a month break from MT and coming back just made me realize how much I missed it

  4. sixstrings222

    Love this car . The 6 speed is for me.

  5. David Avila

    Really nice car,, well priced… but two things, the fact that it has one more intercooler then the Vayron it just show the problem the engine have or had overheating. The other thing, the manual transmission being better than the automatic, for me shows that the automatic has another purpose than track use (or it may be the track). Over all I think it is a fantastic car, they manage to use a zo6 engine that was not working that good in the corvette. But it should be tested by other persons, MT tends to put everything on top.

  6. Oscar Tobar

    I wonder what ford and Dodge are doing…

  7. vin russo

    60,000 Dollars is crazy cheap. How can they make a beast with that kind of track time, and a nice commuter car for that much? You know it blows the Euro's minds. They spend massive amounts of money, F1 tech, and still come up short. But for the money I think the latest Viper ACR is the fastest track car in the world. Hopefully it makes a last run a Nuremberg.That car has a chance to take the record back.

  8. NewtechGS

    finally America is making beautiful cars again! that thing is just awesome

  9. ScarED

    Can't wait to see the ZL1 1LE vs the demon!!

  10. barath4545

    It's a nice car, but if I have to be honest, I am mostly waiting for the GM crown jewel, the C7 ZR1. Might be 2018 or 2019, but still waiting.

  11. Tiktok Toyatoya

    why ruin the tyres??

  12. Gaurav Kapoor

    great car, but can you see out of this thing?

  13. Larz

    4,ooo lbs weight, torque converter automatic transmission and its a Camaro. No other details matter. That is like telling me that you're dating the hottest transvestite body builder ever and she can bench 315 lbs. I'm sorry, but I still prefer the fitness model with a vagina that only benches 135 lbs. Likewise, the slower and less powerful, but mid-engined F458, Gallardo ,R8 V10 or even rear engined GT3 are going to be a way more fun and sexy drive.

  14. W S

    Okay we all know a lot of people like this car but, shittiest gas mileage ever and no where near practical for a daily driver. I would rather get a Euro car for nearly as much, more practical, looks better, and performs close to this. GM is ripping everyone off and people are blinded by its performance. For that reason I'm out!

  15. スティーブ

    amazing one!

  16. absolutepressur

    You can't just say the manual is faster. What's the standard deviation of all his fast laps?

  17. nestorr moreno

    Needs more louder supercharger whine the louder the better ftw

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