Nov 18

2017 Chevrolet Cruze – Review and Road Test

After several years of adeptly battling other best-selling compact cars, the second-generation Chevy Cruze builds on a strong foundation. But is it enough to overthrow the segment-leading Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic?

For the latest Chevy Cruze pricing and information:

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  1. Gummi Bear

    KBB PLEASE fire this guy. He sucks at reviews. And his puns are groan-inducing to say the least

  2. billy fatbowe

    …….Go to Alamo car rental and you can drive one of these POS's………LoL……….;–)………..

  3. Trades46

    Something Chevy seems to do well is start-stop system. I driven a 2013 Malibu 2.4 and while I hated almost everything about it, the start-stop system on that car was a surprise; the sequence was smoother than my mother's Mercedes-Benz equipped with the same system. Kudos to GM for making that work out.

    The mk2 Cruze is nice, but the problem is I don't think it trumps the 2017 mk10 (!) Civic. It has a good deal more power, cost about the same but strikes back with better styling & Honda reliability. Other than that, I would pick this Cruze over anything else in the segment, especially even more so once that Diesel Cruze comes back with VW now out of the picture.

  4. Sou Saechao

    how much is horse power please

  5. jamc204

    What's the explanation for the lower trims having more trunk room than higher trims?

  6. Neithan Santiago

    I love the new cruze gret car so far my fav for compacts

  7. ZL1Gimpelson

    Love the hatchback Cruze but I wish there was an HID or LED headlight option.

  8. sportsMike87

    It looks good but Chevy commercials are really annoying. You can tell the people reacting are actors.

  9. Miguel Medina

    Chevy is incapable of designing attractive commuter cars. This redesign comes after the newest civic. That should have been there benchmark.

  10. xxgg

    Podcast: Joe Rogan Experience

  11. Samay Sahoo

    this Chanel is blowing up rn

  12. Nick S


  13. CrazyFastRapper

    looks like shit without the RS package

  14. Re San

    I'm done. I can't handle grown men acting cutesy and always going for the cheesy laugh while doing car reviews, it's cringe-inducing. I've unsubbed and thumbs down. Now off to go bleach my brain.

  15. justin bouche

    this completely kills the Corolla, Focus, and sentra. with far better interior materials, more soft touch points, and upper class size. though the Mazda 3 would be my choice over this its right in line with its competitors and far better than the offerings from Toyota, ford, and nissan.

  16. Shelvin. P

    Is that Maserati following you guys?! That's the same one from the Honda accord review! 4:17

  17. Alan Founcright

    Corolla killer!

  18. accountnumber90

    It looks really bad in lower trim levels.

  19. Mike C

    Cruise control isn't standard? Is this the 1970s?

  20. Eric Chang

    That last sentence sums up most Chevy cars for me.

  21. Josh Rickards

    KBB – you didn't state the price that the Cruze tops out at!

  22. Livingston

    The Civic is god compared to all these shits

  23. Kyle Rau

    Almost hit by a train.

  24. Goru Minosyan

    I hate this guy! He is annoying as hell!

  25. Luke Hoisington

    review the hatchback

  26. yakyakyak69

    Where are they built?

  27. BWX

    Chevy Cruzes make me sad.

  28. JFCW

    "segment-leading Toyota Corolla" ummm??

  29. Ahmed Alswiti

    rubbish and just a show up car
    i have 2 of them and sell it due to gear box problems ..4 of my friends having the same issue
    reliability is subzero

  30. Blake Swan

    Honda Civic or Mazda 3 over this all day

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