Oct 06

2017 Chevrolet Silverado Redline Edition – Redline: Review

With so many different variants, Chevrolet introduces yet another new package on the latest 2017 Silverado. After an extensive overhaul last year, the current truck should continue to put up a nice fight against the best from Ford, Ram, Nissan, and Toyota.


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  1. Sean Davis

    The high country is the “high trim model” the Ltz z71 is below the high country

  2. Sioux Zhann

    Silverado has been around since 1975 dipshit. You have no business reviewing trucks.

  3. J. Stormer

    The tongue twister and the "shit in the bed" made me crack up xD

  4. Zergling

    What if you want a 4 full size door pickup with a 8ft bed? I hate how you can't have the things you want

  5. M A

    Ohhhh shit! shots fired at the Nissan Titan…

  6. Trump-MAGA GOP

    Very ugly interior and outdated. Exterior is pretty nice.

  7. Trill T0ny

    Ford ad before watching this lol

  8. philip young

    i agree nice trucks always owned chevy gmc since i was 16 44 now but these days trucks any brand isn't worth the money there asking go back to the 70s trucks who really needs all these fancy options to drive to work store etc a nice radio set of headers and duel exhaust all you need

  9. BigErn_Mccraken

    All this tells me is there are 800k idiots in this country. I drove silverados all my life, and had problems my whole life. I'll never buy another Chevy as long as I live.

  10. I Challenge I

    My 86 has Silverado on it

  11. 7amood231


  12. Rafael G

    Got it !!must get

  13. Tarheel Boy

    I hate this fucking GOOK nigger chink fucking gay bastard !

  14. SoCal Pilot

    i just bought a 2017 silver silverado double cab last night. just the base model though. this truck is like if my truck had a baby with darth vader wearing a gucci watch

  15. P Pha

    9 special edition model? HA!

  16. Gumarro

    They now have a black Redline edition. I have one 🙂

  17. Jeff Krus

    That is definitely a 6.5' bed on that truck. You can tell by looking at it. The area in front of the rear axle would be much shorter on the smallest bed.

  18. Juan Rios

    I have this truck and I love it from top to bottom

  19. garrett brown

    Just want everyone to know that there is more storage space underneath the cup holders in the front. He forgot to mention that.

  20. Jonathan Marquise

    I freaking hate new vehicles. "you can get 20mpg with our new technology if you're light on the gas pedal. oh, by the way, here's 420 horsepower."

  21. Pakistan Dan

    Fk the Chevy gas pedal. Have to put your entire foot on the damn thing.

  22. Mathis Pauwels

    Report baby bias chair ours diagnose.

  23. Michael Worlds

    This fag is a joke…

  24. Kyle Behnke

    Should come leveled from the factory

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