Jun 08

2017 Isuzu mu-X | First Drive | Motown India

This video is a first drive review of the new 2017 Isuzu mu-X. In this video we bring to you the features, specifications, dimensions, drive and handling along with other aspects of the new 2017 Isuzu mu-X.

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  1. Matt Chapman

    Love the MU X and its good to get an opinion on it that isnt from some whinging Australian motor journalist who would rather be driving a Volkswagon Golf. I also loved this presenter. my favourite part was his strict adherence to NO scripting and that he just appeared to comment on things around the cabin as he found them… for the first time. this was very entertaining. thanks mate.

  2. Mirza Hassan

    I have cheverlet trailblazer totally copy of trailblazer

  3. anand.m.l kannan

    For those who are criticising its cosmetic features….have to listen this…This car is all about its Engine …

  4. Rocky G

    boring review..but MUx is good just test-drive it today

  5. Kanwar Gill

    Mew- x? Or is it called M.U- X?

  6. seena xavier

    the thing resembles trailblazer everywhere!!

  7. suresh naidu

    The most dead and boring review ever made.

  8. Badarinarayan Garani

    Lost interest in the review a 3-15…god bless

  9. Arjun nagar

    now Chevrolet is nomore but Isuzu can launch Tavera as panther ,and trailblazer already launched as a this SUV,and new essencia also ,beat also ,if they launch damn sure Isuzu will bang on road …

  10. Arjun nagar

    the Chevrolet Tavera is actually from Isuzu panther, in 1994 Isuzu given authority rights GM but they launched in India with the same emition 1990 engine on 2003-04.Isuzu is a great engine.

  11. Arjun nagar

    rip Chevy trailblazer, this is a same platform complete same SUV.

  12. vipul punetha

    Nice coverage of features and specifications. However, "you have" and "you also have" has been repeatedly and excessively used.

  13. Bishak bhattacharya

    interiors is same as isuzu v-cross dmax…🙄🙄🙄 and if this machine becomes a hit simultaneously force should relaunch force 1..😂😂😂


    Chala raha Hai k chaat Raha Hai

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