May 22

2017 Isuzu MU-X | First Look Review | Motown India

This is a first look video of the new 2017 Isuzu MU-X. In this video we will discuss the price, features, specifications, engine, fuel efficiency, mileage, space, comfort, variant cost of the new 2017 Isuzu MU-X


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  1. Shaihoon Ekka

    Isuzu car under 10 Lakh me available hai kya ??

  2. Sanjay R

    This is indeed an outdated model. Please compare features for Endeavour & Fortuner . Hope you're aware of the MU-7 model from the same brand. What about the after sales service? On top of it, It's an outdated model they launched here. They have launched a face lifted model in Thailand and Australia. If you still have any doubts see the sales figures for Fortuner & Endeavour last month. It's 2226 & 632 respectively! They should have priced 20.99 & 22.99 for 4×2 & 4×4.

  3. jassi chahal

    prise is high other wise good

  4. Naveen Arur

    Please don't "come on inside" or "come on outside". Its a new car and you don't want to spoil it :')

  5. prateek saraswat

    hyundai Tuscon is better in features and looks

  6. Nitesh Mhatre

    22 lacs is too much. Going to get same treatment of Ford Endeavour.

  7. akshay chaturvedi

    Great work Motown!

  8. Aman Kumar

    Price is high…

  9. Ankit Sharma

    This isn't a 2017 model, that looks way different in terms of styling. This infact is an old 2016 model which they have launched here in India.


    not going to work in india with this price must be more low below 22lacs

  11. Blue collar

    Nice presentation

  12. Ramsagar .Reddy

    Competitive pricing….Manual Transmission on the Top end 4*4 variant would have made the vehicle even more VFM! Guys from AP can avail a Tax benefit for 5yrs.

  13. Jujhar singh sandha

    very informative review sir .. thankyou 🙂

  14. Shiladitya Ray

    I don't think for a diesel with over 170Hp 5 speed is enough…….

  15. srinivas ssmb

    sure shot winner. 👏👏👏👌👌 ..

  16. Vinod Chenicheri

    I too feel price is over rated.. we can get more advanced for the price of the same..Isuzu still has to learn the perfect pricing of their products..studying the market and realistic cost instead of just assumptions..If they properly plan on Pricing surely the product will be an hit among the masses, and to add the conclusion..SUV is awesome for 7 seater..

  17. Aijaz Khan

    Isuzu's another flop product over priced with dated design and features Endeavour & Fortuner are the much better deal

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