Jul 22

2017 Nissan TITAN Warrior Concept Reveal

2017 TITAN Warrior Concept Reveal

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  1. Julio Cardenas

    wtf raptor 2020 wow…. Nissan come on

  2. Agostinho Bila

    alta maquina,gostei

  3. This Guy

    They should throw that titan badge on it from the factory. They'd probably sell more, sexy truck regardless.

  4. Simplesmente LOKO

    nossa q luxo q pena q é só pra quem pode.

  5. cleivton carlos

    salve brazil

  6. AverageLuke

    2:34 is the unveiling

  7. DJ MajesteX


  8. jennifer gaytan

    nice truck but wtf they copie the new raptor…. can somebody explain me why dodge nissan and chevrolwt try copie ford model's

  9. Wesley Pablo

    Ford reptor e vc minha filha

  10. Kecha Wisetdi


  11. Arbeli Rozenberg

    The new Nissan pickup- it will pull your house with a built-in sheet. Coming 2017

  12. lighting2894

    F-150 raptor with a Nissan badge

  13. Lucky Luan

    Compare Nissan TITAN vs Ford F150?

  14. Raul Rodriguez

    Is an F 150 Raptor … do not wait is a Nissan Titan jajajajajajaj ZERO creativity

  15. Bikkie Eric Seolwane

    Copy of a Ford Raptor

  16. MitsuFQ400

    Nissan raptor with TRD Pro wheels. One unique feature if they put Cummins

  17. Mehrdad

    those headlights 😍😍😍😍

  18. Bootany Beating

    Make a massive one next time,

    10 Seats
    and space for pickup load

  19. Chris TheCarGuy King

    Awesome looking truck! I hope it hits the road soon. I really like how Nissan is positioning itself in the truck market. Now for a Frontier redesign.

  20. giuliano ribeiro


  21. Arman Uday

    but it looks more nicer

  22. Earl Ven

    90% From ford raptor

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