Jan 05

2018 Chevrolet Traverse – Review and Road Test

Now in its 2nd generation the Chevrolet Traverse has evolved into a seriously competitive midsize SUV. Custom crafted with families in mind the all-new 2018 Chevrolet Traverse is smartly-designed, spacious, efficient, and pleasant to drive with room for up to 8 passengers, including full-grown adults in the 3rd row. In this video Kelley Blue Book’s Micah Muzio puts Chevy’s newest SUV to the test with some assistance from his exceedingly polite British friend, Tim.

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  1. Kim Le

    All these SUV need to offer plugin hybrid version with 17kw battery pack to help with the mpg on daily short runs.

  2. Mike Leveux

    Why would any American buy from GM? Did you know that from 2003 to 2009 GM KNOWINGLY sold cars that had ignition switches in them that could turn the car off while driving? Did you know that they did this WHILE begging for a BAILOUT from the American people? They kept this a secret until 2011, when they were caught and FINALLY admitted that they knew all along , and that a better switch would've cost 70 cents per car to fix but they CHOSE not to because it was MORE IMPORTANT to satisfy their shareholders . Why would anyone trust a company like this??

  3. Ростислав Лінд

    Hey, your t-shirt is awesome

  4. jd5179

    This car is literally a clunker. I had this as a loaner for 5 days . Dash panel is peeling off. Got a wierd thud sound on slow speeds – I looked it up – it's a known issue . Come to think of it it's only 2 month old car . What a POS. Save yourself some trouble buy Highlander or Pilot.

  5. 이상범

    raise your headrest

  6. Sunny Droe

    Looks like a smaller Tahoe with the square rear… which is a good thing! Good job Gm/Chevy. Every SUV doesn’t have to look like a stereotypical crossover. Saw one going down the street yesterday and loved it! Glad they did away with the rounded rear.


    I don't know wtf with this company, they copy the ugly front to all general motors cars , do they even realize its so ugly from front

  8. Brian Lear

    Who cares if there is hard plastic? Hard plastic is easier to clean and is less susceptible to ripping and tearing. I couldn't care less, if it works and it's easy to clean. Especially if you have kids spreading food everywhere. Give me the hard plastic, please. The Traverse is a vehicle for families who actually use their car. As opposed to spoiled millenials who need everything to be soft and plush and whatever. Grow up!

  9. David Nacson

    I wonder if this GM product has the problem with its ignition. After that scam, I don't trust GM.

  10. metalbeast1998

    Garbage car imo

  11. Paul Ramos

    It looks like the Pilots 3rd row is bigger and has higher seats.

    Also the cheapest Pilot has a lot of soft materials.

  12. Roberto Rosas

    5:14 TESLA MODEL X?!?!?!?!?!??!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?

  13. 81GhostSlayer

    A family version of the Durango 🤣 ..

  14. Ian Marbella

    Finally, they upgraded the old Chevy Silverado steering wheel.

  15. NOther CarGuy

    Quite like the way it looks!

  16. TJ Houston

    Yea my friend has the last generation traverse and I’ve got to say I’ve liked over all the other competitors and this car really reinforces my opinions on this car.

  17. James Island Fishing

    I've been in the new explorer, and it feels like a German luxury car. It's very comfortable.

  18. Figaro Figaritz

    Looks like a lot of car for the price!

  19. Alejandro Aleu

    You instagram?

  20. Mitchell Pritsker

    I didn't like the 2017 Chevy Traverse.

  21. HW2800

    Gives the new X5 a run for the money especially the High Country!

  22. link hatchet

    This suv would be perfect if it was a rear wheel drive platform, but no, it’s not.

  23. WROA Channel

    I love the Chevrolet Traverse, It’s Better than the Toyota Highlander.

  24. Cherles Saunders

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  25. DC Johnson

    I love this redesign, it definitely looks more truckish than it actually is; makes me think of a Tahoe with much more care-like ride and better MPG. I would go with the newly revamped Mazda CX-9. As a single man with no children, I feel like I wouldn't have to explain to many people why I bought it. My only gripe with the CX-9 is they dropped the V6. They could have at least made it optional.

  26. Luis Barajas

    I like that cae is good

  27. Reko Sri

    3:42 That's what she said…

  28. Sam Jaboy

    Hey Micah that's an awesome t shirt ..can you tell me were to get it from…

  29. Sang Eeth

    I think a Highlander or a Pilot is the best pick out of these all. Look no further.

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