May 03

2018 Ford Raptor – Hennessey Velociraptor 6×6

PickupTrucks.com’s Mark Williams checks out the custom 2018 Ford Raptor Velociraptor 6×6 by Hennessey Performance at the 2017 SEMA show in Las Vegas.

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Learn more about the 2018 Ford Raptor: https://www.cars.com/research/ford-f150-2018/

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  1. Vix Quavenhauser

    If you want to know what vehicles Ford is discontinuing click here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCi5Buk056A

  2. phoenix21studios

    or buy a mercede G63 AMG

  3. Khoa Anh

    Quá đẹp luôn. Mơ ước của tui.

  4. Fizzi Bubbeler

    This is NOT a copy from de Mercedes 6×6!!
    Dodge Ram T-Rex did it first around 1995.

  5. Diego541

    For that kind of money those seats should say Velociraptor! #Sweatinthesmallstuff

  6. เจ้าบุญทุ่ม C.I.A. Las vegas


  7. Hector R

    Yeah that is a real work 🚚. Lol

  8. Hector R

    Com …..plete……waste……of…..💰

  9. Breno Romano

    muito da hora igualzinha a do gta

  10. Nicholas John Leach

    Get rid of that engine . Put a veyron in it

  11. Antonio neto

    new car of gtaV

  12. StanicEnemy

    GTA V new vehicle Lol


    1:23 A man with a scooter

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