Jun 02

2018 Isuzu mu-X RZ4E 4×2 LS-A Blue Power – Behind the Wheel

Isuzu Philippines Corporation adds an option for you mu-X and D-Max lovers this 2018. The RZ4E engine is here, and it’s ready to take on the Philippine roads with its smaller yet fuel-efficient diesel engine. Caco took the mu-X on a spin and here’s what he thinks.

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  1. Dwight Aguirre

    can review kia Sorento….

  2. Daisy Lopez

    Best video reviews in the ph, better than top gear.

  3. Rusc

    the best sa fuel efficiency and power. panget nga lang ng exterior, mukhang mata ng kwago yung headlight

  4. God Rory

    Ertiga Review pls

  5. Lazada Warrior

    Hey AutoDeal! Just a suggestion, do a review of the cheapest cars in the market today. Thanks!

  6. Polongszky Canete

    nice reviews man! keep it up!

  7. rspec2

    are u able to share maintenance schedule for each brand? if its every 5k or 10k km?

  8. Richie Cinchez

    nice review.. can you review also toyota 86..thanks

  9. Ryan Dale Tiamzon

    Please Review the Toyota Hilux G 4×2 MT

  10. HungreeCatt - Food and Travel

    Please make a video featuring cars and suv's with sunroof please. 😊

  11. inig attacki

    How about the fuel consumption MT 1.9??

  12. Jeremy

    This channel deserves more subscribers because of this dude.

  13. guess •86•

    Review the 2.4 fortuner

  14. Leonard Nunag

    Compare fortuner g at please. Thanks!

  15. Justin Santos

    It needs a facelift

  16. lilayerinthecity

    The isuzu mu-x's dahsboard is different from South Africa. It is much better looking. Take a look!

  17. Ernie Pasaporte

    I like all your reviews. Thanks for sharing

  18. Negros Home Builders

    Sayang isuzu phil removed the traction control from the 3.0 4×2 on this model..

  19. Zero Point

    It has a small engine. Won't the 1.9 overheat if the aircon is high? It's still a huge vehicle. And nowadays, the heat can really get umbearable. A bigger engine could sustain better if aircon is high.

  20. Super Nova

    Goddamn i freakin love Caco!

  21. calvin cuyag

    18 km/l debunked 35 km/l claim by ISUZU?

  22. Lhonzkieee Leal

    So much better than top gear ph tbh.

  23. Shane Kurt Bernal

    Bothered with the 3.O, in fact you can just say 3 liter

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