May 18

2018 Vauxhall (Opel) Grandland X review – is this just another mid-size SUV? – Carbuyer

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Based on the same underpinnings as the Peugeot 3008, the Vauxhall Grandland X wades in to the already very crowded family SUV class. Does it do enough to tempt buyers away from cars like the Nissan Qashqai, SEAT Ateca, Skoda Karoq and Hyundai Tucson?

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  1. nisde22

    I would say that the Tucson is the best value amongst mid sized SUV's, but the Mazda is the best to drive.

  2. g00dfeeling

    Looks nice in this color

  3. Louis B

    Mimimimimi. There is a reason why the british car industry collapsed more than twenty years ago.Without badged Opel cars like the corsa, astra or insignia vauxhall wouldnt exist anymore.Sad.

  4. Mark Clelland

    OnStar in Europe for Vauxhall and Opel cars is ending in 2021 and won't be available in new vehicles from 2019

  5. SuperBoredPanda

    Looks like the MG ZS.

  6. Jeff Spencer

    2 month old Grandland x , engine management light on . Cat warm up code . 1 .6 Diesel . Crap Good job it is only while mine gets repaired.

  7. Christopher Lawrenceyasir

    How much for used 2014/5 Vauxhall 255752666446

  8. chief27

    Why they stopped the reviews with the other women?

  9. Ian Chamberlain

    I don't think the gorgeous Ginny likes the Grandland too much! I've ordered one as it was all I want in a car when I test drove one. I've ordered the Elite Nav 1.2 auto. I want a car to be easy to drive, comfy, quite and well equipped which I found the Grandland to be. I only plan to keep it for about 2 years as I'm not convinced the little engine will last as long as my present car with 115,000 miles on it. I enjoy Ginnys reporting style so always enjoy her YouTube vids, keep up the good work girl!!

  10. René Sieders

    lol bad review. old fashion lol

  11. Thomas S Wright

    Onstar will be taken out in 2020 for good

  12. Andrew W

    You forgot to mention that PSA didnt buy Onstar so all vauxhalls fitted with this feature will lose them in 2020 so you end up with an onstar and sos button which does nothing.

  13. Adi Ibukic

    Boring interior, just like VW cars!

  14. Vanessa Paul

    This review is baised because the Opel Grandland this have a great ride especially on uneven surfaces

  15. Charlie Fox

    Compared to stylish other competitors, it just seems agricultural and dated… feels like Vauxhall/Opel is destined to be PSA’s budget friendly brand.

  16. Mario Torrez Quant

    They all look the same nowadays

  17. gp O'Rourke

    I think Vauxhall are doing away with the on call system . Also the car was a bit mucky inside. Took the gloss of the new car look. The Mazda CX5 or Peugeot look better.

  18. JosephM1750

    They don't sell the Vauxhall here in the U.S., nor am I interested in it. That being said, Ginny was presenting so I clicked. 🙂

  19. Dinesh Lad

    If it's cheaper than the 3008 then this will sell.

  20. copyrat

    why is she wearing these ugly boots?

  21. Andrew Cruze

    She's basically talking nonsense and brand bashing. Driven a couple of these actually a good car with better gearbox than its Peugeot counter part. Carbuyer are hypocrites – claiming they love the 3008 yet it's exactly the same vehicle – the first to share the platform.

  22. t s

    Vauxhall are doomed dealers are closing down.

  23. Michael Taylor

    I still think that all SUVs like this are basically the same just old parts from old cars like these parts on here are basically the same as the Astra which has been out for 3 years it's like that with most of these SUVs they are a few years behind everything else"

  24. Hani Mann

    What do expect as it’s owned by PSA so there Not gone make this or Any Vauxhall Outshine Peugeot,Citroen,and DS brands .

  25. Stoik Gramadanski


  26. george mcray

    Hampden woods in the winter…shot some months ago no doubt. Nice reviewer, rather boring car.

  27. SteamFox

    The layout/satnav sure got old fast, just two years ago they were applauded on the Astra.

  28. nemanja milosevic

    Couldn't agree more. Just a few years ago, this would be just fine, but the bar is now higher than this.

  29. ONYX.G

    Why hasn’t it got gloss plastic next to the sat nav? 🤨 that would make it look nicer

  30. Trends Inspiration

    What is this brand now ? Vauhxell ? Opel .. PSA ? In USA Saturn , in China Buick , i am confused

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