Jan 01

2019 Chevrolet Blazer FULL Review and Walkaround

They are here!! What we all have been waiting for! Introducing the 2019 Chevrolet Blazer Premier! Tons of great features and styling that went into this vehicle! We are one of the first dealers in Northeast Ohio to see the Blazer. I don’t think you are going to be disappointed.

I am located at Sunnyside Chevrolet in Elyria Ohio. If you have any questions on this vehicle please call me at (440)365-7311 ask for Jacob.


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  1. The Rob Showw

    Looks like a Jeep cherokee 🤷🏽‍♂️

  2. Mark AD

    people need to stop buying american junks, get a hyundai, looks way better and far more reliable

  3. Earl Baker

    Where is it made ? U S A ?

  4. stunnasam21


  5. Jesus Baez

    Lol!!!! 50k for this no wonder GM is closing factories

  6. Acuravigor47

    Yellowish Halogen headlights make the vehicle look cheap and cost cutting. Especially on the Premier trim why does Chevrolet need to save $$ on something that obvious needs to be LED or Xenon.

  7. bmwmsport11

    Wtf are they doing by lowering the roofline on an equinox and calling it a blazer. Stuff like this is exactly why GM went bankrupt a decade ago. Pumping out mediocre cars and hoping the nameplate sells it.

  8. Bobby Williams

    Stop saying chrome, when it’s only PLASTIC.

  9. Thomas Bowman

    Chevy trash looks like a Dodge

  10. David Smith

    Nice looking vehicle, but not worthy of the Blazer name, nor even the TrailBlazer name. Maybe Chevy should've named it the Tracker cos I feel that name is better suited for this ride.

  11. Brian Lear

    I'm a chevy guy but this thing looks wrong. It's supposed to be the "edgy" 5 passenger crossover, yet they give it the LCV and LGX only? What about a high output high displacement 4 cylinder turbo? The whole package just seems lazy to me. I don't see any passion behind this at all. It's like they held a focus group and some people cried saying the equinox wasn't "edgy" enough so they made this. Except it looks bloated and over-styled, ala Nissan Murano. I guess they are going after that market?
    The irony is that I feel like my '19 equinox 2.0T is a much better car. It's lean, right-sized, very quick and light on its feet. This new Blazer just LOOKS like it's going to be a dog in every day driving, especially for people opting for the base engine, which makes only 190 foot pounds. That's going to feel terrible especially with passengers and cargo.

  12. Logan Corleone

    It looks like a shoe

  13. Jim Russell Friesen

    Now it is officially 2019

  14. Sayed Moh'd Sayed Jawad

    50k $ you can get KIA STINGER GENESIS G70 3.3T for 40k $ and save 10k $


    Beatiful look

  16. Fidel Bañuelos

    Who ever thought start/stop was a good idea?

  17. KingJayVlogs

    I truly think GM kinda did this on purpose because it’s just called the blazer. I think thoughts are going to be the normal trims and they’re going to make a 6.2L V8 version and that’s going to be the Trailblazer or Blazer ss

  18. Esau Badillo

    I've just bought a Hyundai Santa Fe limited..way more loaded than this one for $35000

  19. Elvis P

    It actually looks nice i wouldn't mind driving this over a Cherokee "4×4"

  20. liquidsilver1941

    Hyundai Santa Fe anyone ?

  21. Tyre Evans

    I love the design but I would Never pay 50k for a mediocre SUV like this with other premium SUV’s in a similar price with more power and a V8 option in the Market . EPIC FAIL

  22. B Mar

    Wow Chevy missed a major market segment with this they already have a ton of crossover models. Why didn't they make a Blazer that could compete with the Wrangler, 4Runner and the Bronco that is coming out soon? And why does everything on the road have to look the same? This looks like a Nissan RogueRavCamero….

  23. Scott Diehl

    Looks like they copied Toyota

  24. Brian Collyear

    👎 what are you doing Chevy

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