Jan 16

2019 Chevrolet Blazer Pricing, Option list, and more EXPLAINED!

The 2019 Chevy Blazer is on dealers lots now. They are amazing and if you are looking for a family full size 2 row SUV the Blazer is the SUV for you. Check out all the options, price, and equipment in this vlog.
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  1. Josh_S550

    This new Blazer is cool looking especially in the RS trim but for the same money you can buy a Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro and have it be worth twice as much as the Blazer in 5-10 years from now.

  2. Rad GGS

    Let me get this straight, there will not be a SS Blazer with a LT 450 hp 10 speed lowered 3 inches? And Chevy still has the option to produce a 6.2 Tahoe K5 2 door? I'm sorry, just dreaming.

  3. FknRa

    I was born in 83. And watched the k5 blazer go away sadly. and get replaced by the tahoe which was just a shortened suburban. The removable top was integral to my high school years rock crawling crowd.

  4. James Hancock

    absolutely not

  5. 1/3 of The Formula

    This is a revamped equinox

  6. Bt t

    It looks like a rip off of a URUS

  7. Kay Jay

    Why is it so tiny… looks like an equinox. Smh

  8. Sean Colon

    So basically its a Chevy Equinox with a couple tweaks

  9. nitrox28

    Hell no. Waaaaay overpriced. You can have a crew cab 4×4 truck for that.

  10. Matthew Tullas

    Chevy could of had a home run if they made the K5 blazer of old but new like Ford is with the Bronco, there are some die hard Blazer fans out there that would of paid a lot of money but ofcourse not. Jesus bring back the GMC Cyclone and that thing would sell….

  11. Mark Raymond

    It's a nice CAR, but I need an SUV capable of hauling my 4000 lb trailer and the Blazer can't do it. My 2008 Trailblazer has 105K miles and still handles this load with ease. I had very high hopes for the Blazer until I learned it was another Crossover CUV. Is there a way to import the Australian Holden Trailblazer and put a 4.3 Vortec in it?

  12. Adam Ward

    Get a real suv …4 runner

  13. Adam Ward

    It’s a joke !another cross over ! Not a real blazer !

  14. Jose Trejo

    Real price not for a Chevy!! Come on Chevy

  15. Rambo Delajoya

    $50,000.00 for a Blazer RS AWD! If I just add little bit more of my money, then I can get me a nice Range Rover Evoque. Love your video !

  16. Edwin Wallace

    Is this taking the place of the Equinox?

  17. Xeno Kratios

    Put the K5 Blazer name to shame.. wtf is this toyota looking, lexus stolen deisgn

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