Oct 22

2019 Chevrolet Colorado Trail Boss Review – Behind the Wheel

The 2019 Chevrolet Colorado Trail Boss is now in the Philippines, and it’s more than just a spruced-up version of the base pickup truck. See what Caco has to say in this full review of the newest boss in town.

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  1. carlo tumamao

    Still reflectors for the headlight? Its 2019 cmon

  2. strawberry_shortcake4life

    More of subcompact cars like Wigo, Mirage, Celerio , Picanto please

  3. glen poy

    Ohh come on Sir Caco, I've driven all the line up of available pick up in this country and by far Chevy's steering is the heaviest

  4. CultOfPersonality091

    didn’t expect it’s cheap price

  5. Keno Jann Agravante

    a unique sports bar that looks straight out of banawe

  6. renzo tumanda

    Why call it trail boss if it doesn't have 4×4 just like the 2019dmax boondock all gimmick
    lack features.

  7. iamfuji

    Boss Caco ano model ng eyeglasses mo?

  8. engr. tony

    You can get the base ranger wildtrak with that price

  9. mex herr

    Nah, already have a Raptor… 🤘

  10. Journey of my Family

    Sir Caco, hope you could do a review on the Hilux Conquest. I'm really beggin for it to he reviewed.

  11. pea brained

    Ow, a Chevy!

    No thanks.

  12. Eugene Paul Alejandria

    Sir Caco Isuzu 2020 Dmax

  13. GeneralTan

    U-G-L-Y. Doesn't look as macho as the competition

  14. Francis Martinez

    Is it just me or are you reviewers are expecting more than plastic for the interiors?

    Plastic will always be the choice of material for manufacturers after all, so should there be something else?

  15. kitler 18

    Yung trail boss sa US tunay na pang trail kasi 4×4 talaga

  16. Paolo Rivero

    Waiting for the Strada to be reviewed by Caco

  17. Pio B

    Wow, mas mura pa sa Ssangyong to ah. Hintayin nalang natin ang bagong Dmax kung magkano.

  18. Adrian Rubi

    How does this differ from the Storm?

  19. Zephaniah Carpio

    Pls preview 2020 Isuzu D’Max. 😍

  20. Eddy Villajuan

    2020 dmax is on it's way

  21. Lorenzo Bela

    Waiting for the behind the wheel of the 2020 Montero Sportt

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