Nov 28

2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Walk Around | Autoblog

Autoblog Associate Editor Reese Counts travels to Dubai where he gets a first look at the 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1.

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  1. redruM Coke

    I like how the masses will flock to ANY new fast vehicle that debuts regardless of how BAD IT LOOKS. Stevie Wonder could see that this is not an aesthetically pleasing automobile. So many of you people like the fact that it has a lot of HP and automatically like it. Go ahead and flame me because IDK. A Ferrari 358 Italia or Saleen S7 this is obviously isn't (and don't do the, yeah you're right, those cars are all slower BS because, again, see the part above regarding HP).

  2. Bazooka Joe

    GM is complete garbage. They are always low quality.

  3. bruce wayne

    extra chevy mighty angus bbq meat lovers large meal at mcdonalds kirrawee australia from 8 till 11 until 3 am also known as the chevy burger.

  4. MarcAnthonyStorm - Corvettes917


  5. Caio Caldas

    What if we have a 4 seater sport car based on the Corvette ?


    So beautiful I just want to eat it.

  7. Andrew Pruteanu

    Why didnt they wait?

  8. RobertGriffin3 HD

    That is the definition of SEXY

  9. Metal Macias

    I can’t wait to drive one in Forza 7 on Xbox One X. That’s the closest I’ll ever get to driving one.

  10. Alexander

    Was the car running when you were filming this video? I’m wondering if they went back to the red tail lights or stuck to the clear ones. In my opinion, the clear tail lights look awesome.

  11. Destiny Marin

    210 top speed

  12. Janusha

    The last ZR1 was dreadful. Lets hope this one is better. It certainly looks good.

  13. Janusha

    American cars dont have an engine. Its got a 6.2 lidur modurh.

  14. Darrick Lee

    Umm… 755hp?
    Mixed feeling …….
    Half of throttle will be already too scary for most of people.
    How many owners of these car will be able to take the throttle to the maxium level?
    It will just be a scary monster that so hard to live with, not the fun to drive super car.
    I think the GM is just doing the HP fighting against the Dodge.

  15. Doroteo Arrango

    that corvette should be called the orange devil

  16. Dave Schnare

    How you are suppose to open and close the rear hatch without that stupid wing getting in the way. I can't believe they couldn't come up something better then that wing.

  17. Hanson Fam

    I'm seeing 2017 ZO6's going for $20,000 off sticker now. Why buy now when you can wait and not pay top dollar?

  18. Erica

    Why is the Corvette not a mid-engine car at this point?

  19. blznk

    I'd do … nasty stuff…to have one

  20. jgmacho

    No mid engine? What's the point if the zo6 is already supercharged and only 100 hp less?

  21. Louie Lamoore

    Sticker? $About $140K. WTF.

  22. Joey Brooks

    I wonder if the LT5 V-8 would become available in the Chevrolet Camaro or Cadillac CTS? Probably not.

  23. LightCan

    The color. The carbon fiber accents. That hood cowl. The new front fascia. The carbon fiber wing. Everything looks nice and aggressive.

  24. Vincent Vaughan

    I bet It goes up to 220 mph!

  25. Michael lansdown

    Happy GM lost those ridiculous front fender extensions…secondly I do hope GM keeps the stance low over the tires. So many times the ride height is lowered for the debut only to have a huge gap in production….

  26. SoCalFreelance

    Looks like a Hot Wheels toy

  27. krocialblack

    Prepping for batter with the GT2 RS

  28. Jamel Moore

    This thing looks like a beast!!! Out for blood like no other American car before it! Save for maybe the Viper ACR and Ford GT!

  29. Ryan Maiese

    The spoiler is going to make it difficult to open the trunk.

  30. Servant of JESUS CHRIST


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