Feb 27

2019 Chevrolet Silverado Quick Drive | Consumer Reports

The redesigned 2019 Chevrolet Silverado boasts slight improvements over the outgoing version of the pickup. It performs truck duties well, but the basic cabin and lack of standard advanced safety gear may push buyers toward more refined trucks.

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  1. 321verykind

    I thought it was ugly when I saw pictures, but when I saw it in person, it definitely grew on me.

  2. Stanford Taylor

    I think the look of this new Silverado is eye-catching. Something different from the norm.

  3. Tito

    the cost of these new trucks is insane, i wonder who is buying them at those crazy prices !

  4. Collin

    Exactly what truck owners were asking for…not having to turn on 4wd

  5. happy543210

    i've got 50k that i want to flush down the toilet…i think i'll buy a silverado!!

  6. ib516

    Isn't the trans a 10 speed? (Not 8)

  7. dinoshavbabies

    Wow, $50k for an LT w/o low range?

  8. Ben Perea

    I want one!!!!!

  9. s blake

    That front end looks awfully scary

  10. ktpinnacle

    The pickup wars continue. Everyone has their favorite. But one thing is for sure. If you have some cash to spend, there is no better time to buy a pickup. I'm eagerly waiting to see how GM modified their Yukons/Tahoes this fall.

  11. Bryce

    $50k for a LT Trim truck yikes

  12. Nolan

    I had a Silverado with the eight speed had a transmission put in at 12,000 miles for harsh erratic shifting in especially downshifting second one is still doing it but more livable I can’t go without my truck again for as long as they had it

  13. Shaun Rutherford

    I'm not a fan of GM trucks, but the fact they can't give up that column shifter is glorious to me. Good on them for keeping tradition.

  14. toronado455

    Over 50K and doesn't even have leather upholstery. Personally, at these prices, I would prefer the WT trim truck with vinyl seating. It's possible to configure it with the same 5.3 V8 for $29,695.
    Adding the convenience package which includes:
    Remote Keyless Entry
    Tailgate with EZ Lift assist, power lock & release
    Heated power outside mirrors
    Deep-tinted glass
    Power door locks
    Power windows
    Cruise control
    Rear window defogger
    and still it's only $31,680. That seems like a much more reasonable proposition to me.
    Of course that's with regular cab and 2WD. Crew Cab 4WD will increase the price significantly, but would still be about 10k less than the truck CR purchased.

  15. Miguel Ircontar

    I hate Chevy but I love the look but not the price !!!!

  16. zuti071

    So they have one of "those guys" who always wants to adjust dual AC for themselves just for a few degrees.

  17. albert7139

    It's not F150 good, but it's a nice truck.

  18. Jonathon McCann

    no word on fuel economy? with MT and C&D making headlines that the Silverado gets significantly worse mpg with this generation, and the 2.7T I4 gets worse mpg than the 5.3L V8, I was looking forward to seeing what you guys got.

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