Aug 14

2019 Chevrolet Silverado Review – First Drive

It’s not possible to overstate how important the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado is to General Motors because trucks make the bucks these days, bringing in huge sums of money for automakers. Ensuring this totally redesigned model can keep up with the latest from Ram and Ford, it’s all about more: more cargo volume and tie-down points in its bed, more interior space, more overall length, more wheelbase and it’s more aerodynamic to boot. There are more engine options, more durability, more capability, more luxury and of course more technology. But what there isn’t more of is weight.

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  1. Nicholas Smith

    Yet another GM product lacking height-adjustable seat belt anchors. Look how poorly it fits Craig, GM. Do you think we're all the exact same size? Fail…

  2. Blake Swan

    Pretty sure the Autoguide.com comments section is made of current and former GM employees…

  3. Just D8vid2

    Chevy, still refuses to let go of that column shifter. Its almost 2020. Not 1964

  4. Aharnish Hande

    haha…says truck so big that it 'feels like driving garbage truck around'!

  5. Juan Snow

    I wonder were gmc got the idea of using different materials “aluminum” 🙄🙄🤔🤔

  6. Orlando Benitez

    What a handsome truck.

  7. Aaron Grey

    It looks like and f'n Ford….. Make your own design Chevy…… Wtf…..

  8. Mr. Well

    I actually like the interior, simple and clean.

  9. antonio munoz

    Looks like a honda ridgeline's big brother.

  10. I Love Prophet Muhammad

    Great truck

  11. Leon Bridges

    It's almost like driving a "garbage truck" or something. That says a lot about first impressions.

  12. 93Adamv23

    Its so ugly

  13. Smooth Operator

    GM must’ve given this guy the Master suite,seems to be kissing ass much.

    It’s a good truck though.

  14. troy smith

    the interior looks dated smh

  15. Rich Withoutmoney

    Garbage truck, really?🤔

  16. Mystic Duck

    The high country spec looks decent but the rest look pretty hideous

  17. Aurora Jones

    With the amount of money they charge for this truck and the amount of money they take in from each unit sold its unconscionable they stick the shit interiors in there. YOU TOO FORD! RAM is the exception of the group. Id consider a truck but cant stand the crap ass interiors they expect you to love. "Its utilitarian" BS your cheap AF! Id like a mid sized truck with a mid sized car interior in quality fit and finish that matches in price range. If im dropping 50k for a truck i want a BMW 3, ATS, level of interior. At least ACCORD for christ sake. They put a Aveo interior in there splashed with fake wood and call it done and paste a 50-60k price tag. FU! Im not stupid.

  18. 11DS450XMX

    Just took a 525 mile trip with my 17 Z71 LTZ and average 23 MPG's.

  19. BMW 2017

    Still leaning towards RAM.

  20. Zachary Stiver

    Love this truck!

  21. Ducati Ltwin

    A $60,000 truck shouldn't have that crap interior.

  22. A B

    That High Country looks great in black. Needs the dashboard from the Tahoe/Yukon/Escalade at least to make the interior look remotely like something that belongs in a $65k truck…

  23. youdownwithdjp_yeahyouknowme

    I like this guy.

  24. grandpa5x Pulliam

    I’m sure Chevy appreciated your comment about driving like a garbage truck.

  25. k_Jay

    I had mixed feelings about the exterior design but its growing on me now. Still working on the interior though.

  26. Jake Hunter

    Chevy might win me over this year. ^-^ #jakehunter88

  27. Peter L

    Thank you GM, for leaving the shift lever on the steering column – where it belongs!

  28. Super Dan

    So Chevy commercials chastised Ford for using aluminum and now…

  29. Cecil L

    The Silverado is personally my favorite truck. I think that High Country styling is bad ass and I love all the different engine options. The Ram comes close but I think it’s just a tad too flashy. The F-150 is easily my least favorite truck. I truly don’t understand how that thing sells so well.

  30. paul lamont

    Poor old toyo needs to get out of the full size truck field and just make toy trucks.

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