Dec 11

2019 Chevrolet Silverado – Review & Road Test

All-new, the 2019 Chevy Silverado looks a lot like the previous Silverado, but rest assured there are some differences. Larger but lighter, wider box, and much more. Find out all about it here as Kelley Blue Book’s Lyn Woodward takes you for a video journey.

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  1. Joey Ramirez

    Where is the 2019 Ram 1500 review from KBB? Maybe GM paid KBB to say good things about the Silverado if in return they do not review the Ram. 🤔

  2. Super Viral Sick Vids

    These are trucks for people who don’t use trucks. Executives/bosses are the only ones able to afford these. And they are the ones not using them lol.

  3. Smarticus

    So the older 2018 is more fuel efficient than the 2019? That is certainly bucking the trend.

  4. LindaOffenbach

    67k For something that is 10 years behind on technology… ? Uhh no thanks. The interior looks like a car of at last 10 years ago. Styling is a total mess as well, both outside and inside… Good grief, all those lines are messy and inconsistent. Americans buy this for that money?? Twice the price of a luxury SUV… Or a full option Range Rover Evoque for the same money… If I really really needed a truck (not just to look cool) then the very very cheapest possible, and spend the rest on something decent…

  5. wendysorbust

    Are you sure this was a review? All I saw was a spec sheet reading. No negative remarks or criticisms.

  6. Roy Irving

    This is one UGLY TRUCK!!!! RAM ALL THE WAY!!!

  7. Miguel Anguiano

    2 MPG less than last year's model, same cheap interior, and ugly front end. No thank you!

  8. Paul M

    She is driving the high end version, yet no mention of that drab interior or lack of panaromic moonroof

  9. Paul M

    She is way too small for this truck

  10. howard weitzell

    …it’s still a Chevy! They all look nice when new but in the long run, it’ll let you down…as usual. Until they up the quality and dependability, I won’t spend my money on just about any GM products.

  11. T Jackson

    I want one 😭😭

  12. LetsGoToMarsMan

    She bought those boots just for the video

  13. Yue Lu

    This girl is amazing

  14. VicZX6R

    I was liking this truck until I saw the prices. 95% of Americans cant afford these high prices… for us workers… truck or house???

  15. Michael Stone

    Funny as hell with the drone lol!!!

  16. Walking Journey

    Unbelievable how General Motors decided to lay off three fourths of his labor force to relocate the factories to China and Mexico.

  17. Chris Perry

    How is tilt and telescoping steering wheel column even optional now in today's time?

  18. Derek Levesque

    Im a Silverado owner but am never gonna like the look of the mirror placement lol

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