Feb 19

2019 Isuzu D-Max 4×4 Review – Behind the Wheel

We go Behind the Wheel of the 2019 Isuzu D-max in the Philippines, to test the midsize pickup that takes a licking and keeps on ticking. As far as diesel-power trucks go, this nameplate and brand has the backbone to boot, but how does it fare? Let’s find out.

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  1. Caco Tirona

    Ey, yo, Jack. Why the HECK was I talking about Micky D's at the end? Were we hungry? Did we see one on the road? Did they kill the Big Mac?!? Answer me, man! Answer me!!

  2. Bkkbound

    We take delivery of ours next month..:-)

  3. glen poy

    Now a question for all, does the new variant like the one in Thailand will land here in The Philippines? When?

  4. Jan Alexis Dayrit

    May I request Autodeal.com.ph to review the 2020 Montero Sport

  5. federico luchico

    Excellent review sir!

  6. Jing Jong

    Cup holder not drink holder..

  7. shinkueagle



  8. Open Heart

    Just bought one had a rodeo before this and it make the Dmax look like a third world 4×4 with its electronic gear shift that you have to stop the car to put it low range and even highrange goes bang when you put it in then there is the dash all the lighting is in red and when a warning light come on you don't notice it amongst all the red. Must have be made by idiots. Also the fuel economy is no better than the rodeo when it was new so they lied about that my dmax gets about 9.9 L to the hundred. Has no bash plates that are any good might as well use aluminium foil. The rodeo had great bash plates. Talk about making car trashier that ever. Gauges are crap fuel is no where near accurate neither is the speedo. No volt meter or oil pressure, or calibrated temperature gauge. Absolute trash gauges. And all in red. Air con is on full just to keep a single cab cool. Bluetooth. Is no reason to think this car is better than cars that are 50 year old. As it has no diff lock or limited slip and get stuck easyer than a redeo that has limited slip. So dont get caught up in looks or electronics the car is crap as 4x4s go. They must think all Australians are drunks and wont norice

  9. Paul Parado

    Smart delivery. Entertaining metaphors. Keep it up!

  10. Rajesh Chetty

    If you manage to break an Isuzu then you're a monster

  11. MDMinecart

    yung Isuzu MU-X 2020, kelan po kaya i rerelease?

  12. Josh

    any land cruiser and super grandia elite reviews coming any time soon?

  13. David Hamilton

    Caco, I'm wondering why there are two distinct looking grilles with the 2020 Isuzu D-Max pick up. Both have a similar but different frontal aspect. One has what can be described as having a double set of "fangs", whilst the one you reviewed has only one. Check out the new V Cross to view the difference…

  14. Roi

    How about the new 2020 dmax? When will be the launching here in the Philippines?

  15. Edi G

    2020 Toyota Hilux Conquest naman po next thankyou

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