Jul 27

2019 Isuzu D-MAX review | Australia

In this video, Jenny reviews the 2019 Isuzu D-MAX in the top LS-T Trim. The newest D-MAX has only seen some minor updates to keep it relevant in Australia’s ute market.

For the latest DMAX Isuzu maintain their 3 Litre diesel with 130 kW of power and 430 Nm from 2,000 revs. It tows up to 3.5 tonnes and officially consumes about 8 litres per 100 km.

It is not the smoothest, or the most powerful, or the most fuel efficient, but it is one of the toughest engines out there. The D MAX will endure loads of torture in rough conditions and do that while towing, hauling and breaking through terrains not meant to be driven over.

This might be the last edition before we see a next-gen Isuzu D-MAX on the Australian market. Might be…..

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  1. A M

    5:22 to open the console on top of the dash, just press lightly. Easy. All Dmax user knows this.

  2. dinho890i

    Toyota and Isuzu are bae

  3. AGC

    6:14 Simone is fine!ü

  4. T Hunt

    No point in upgrading from my 2018 dmax then.. still haven't fixed that crappy storage box issue.. I've got $50 stuck in mine. It's more secure than the locks on the outside doors!. Nice feature Isuzu inbult keyless storage safe!

  5. Lokesh Chandra

    Here only for Jenny

  6. Daniel Russell210

    We had a2005 trooper and we burned it it broke down so much but strong jeep

  7. Ben Spicer

    People who drive these dual cabs are all hat and no cattle.

  8. MrHqyang

    Safety Tech? lol

  9. MaZEEZaM

    Nice to see an alternative Australian car YouTube channel though I did think the wheel arch comparison was a bit stupid. Regarding leather seats, for dog lovers such as myself that takes your dog everywhere with you, one aspect I found a pain in the arse was the material seats as not only were they ghastly when my soaking wet, muddy dog fresh out of the river, held moisture, stained his hair would also weave itself into the fabric which was extremely difficult to remove using a vacuum cleaner. Leather is resistant to moisture, easily cleaned and obviously doesn’t have the issue of dog fur weaving itself in.

  10. max bett

    Plez sends bobs and vegene

  11. Scott i

    That might be the rear defroster button Jenny… just saying…. 🙂

  12. Andrew T

    I see the storage console above the dash as a money saving feature – locking the wallet in there indefinitely!

  13. TM

    Winter in Australia

  14. Jose Luque

    Wow!!! You’re awesome, once again great review ❤️

  15. PingKo

    all new D-max will release in Thailand around Oct-NoV'19

  16. mikuelable

    we all are car guys ….but for this channel we are also here for jenny and simone <3

  17. CengizhanMilfhuntürk

    In europe we get a fucking 1.9 Biturbo


    who needs extra airbags! screw safety. We want more cupholders. yeahhhhhhhhhh

  19. Sarim Ali

    looking awesome and impressive review done by u…

  20. NAN

    5:22 funny moment XD

  21. Huấn Bùi

    I have to say that, Jenny, you're so cute ^^

  22. Gil Moskovich

    You are so beautiful Jenny.


    You buy an Isuzu and a Toyota for their sheer reliability alone

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