Nov 18

2019 Isuzu D-Max V-Cross Automatic Review | First Drive | Autocar India

The Isuzu D-Max V-Cross has become something of a cult favourite in India amongst outdoorsy lifestyle buyers. Armed with its flatbed, rugged looks, old-school 4×4 and just enough creature comforts, it’s a great alternative to a big SUV. For 2019, it’s been given a facelift with more equipment, but more crucially, a new 1.9 diesel with an auto gearbox.

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  1. JackHurtsLeg

    I’d love to find those locations.

    Does anyone know which place is that

  2. JackHurtsLeg

    It’s a great truck but I still wish that Toyota launches a pickup truck around 25lac price ( or more cuz I don’t mind buying a pickup truck with cool features)

  3. Gaurav Gaurav

    Anybody knows if one wants to cover the back of Isuzu with canopy? Means cover it like rest of the car? Please reply

  4. shekhar Deshmukh

    Top Variant model's cost?


    Over priced in kerala top model 25l on road not worth for 150 ps

  6. chukhu thollu

    Isuzu should bring 2020 model it is already launched in thailand.i drive 2018 model but all new 2020 model is a different beast.

  7. Ayush m.p

    235 kg load capacity bolero can fo batter than this in half of its price

  8. Laitphar Syiem

    Please make video on scropio gateway crde 4×4

  9. Phone 4695

    If Force Gurkha can do a good effort to its interiors and comfort, It can be a good alternative to this vehicle.I feel the Indian companies are too late in understanding customer experiences .

  10. Bruno cena

    Plsss bring 2020 model to India , specially 3.0 L engine


    Is Tata xenon the best or Isuzu D max

  12. Ebu Qble

    I think it is reliable, but what about the service quality?

  13. Nongs Jinghpo

    My dream car but nearest showroom is very far from my home


    not practical vehicle, especially not suitable for Indian conditions

  15. Sarthak Pathroliya 19

    One word too expensive.

  16. MOTOR HAWK car n truck enthusiast

    Still many Tata fanboys giving a dislike! Illiterates !

  17. Rajath N

    Even an alto won't break a sweat on those roads.

  18. Ron Kv

    I’m more interested in your shoot locations than the car, lol. Amazing views.

  19. dhillon europe

    This is proper european style strong pick up truck 🔥🔥.

  20. Gautham V

    8:13 music???!

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