Sep 18

2019 Isuzu D-Max V-Cross facelift goes high end | First Drive Review | autoX

Isuzu has given the D-Max V-Cross a mid-cycle update by introducing a new variant, the High Z, making it a bit more sophisticated. So, what’s it like to live with in the urban jungle?


Read the full review of the 2019 Isuzu D-Max V-Cross facelift:

More details on the 2019 Isuzu D-Max V-Cross facelift:

Check out the 2019 Isuzu D-Max V-Cross facelift photo gallery:

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  1. Jeszy Andrew

    2019 front head lamp and front grill sucks. It would be better if it had duel focus light.

  2. Accha Aadmi

    I wanted 7 seater suv coz (my friend circle is big) with bold design great road presence so i bought Scorpio . But man i had to say isuzu d max is better off roader than My scorpio but scorpio has better road presence 🤪 .

  3. CG car garrages

    Since when did they allow license for kids

  4. Adithya Kasinadhuni

    automatic hein kya isme

  5. Amitabh 007

    Kella NRC it naam nohoa bangladeshi kaitak eitu garir pisot hat bhori bandhi border par koribo bhal hobo.
    Bangladeshi chudhirbhai kella

  6. Dhruv Chopra

    Koi bhi meri Dikki mein bomb rakh ke chale jaye!

  7. manoj Ebrahim

    Will they launch an automatic variant

  8. amar99ify

    We are expecting the 1.9 varient in India…key hole I mean ki hol launch nohoi neki…

  9. hamdan parkar

    Waiting for automatic transmission with 4wheel drive

  10. Venkat Ramana

    over priced

  11. Santhosh John

    Long wheelbase is not good in off-road conditions

  12. Raghav Malhotra

    is there any automatic available?

  13. Eminem Muchahary

    Review 1.9 Z prestige automatic


    my favourite car

  15. R A J A N

    Excuse me , the latest is the 1.9 version . You are running in late guys

  16. Abhishek Singh

    Good. Speaking capability

  17. symun buuntw

    This truck can carry the big elephant.

  18. Ritobhash Mandal

    They also launched the automatic variant, review on that too

  19. Praveen Sharma

    Oh I was searching for this review for like long long time and here it comes.. thank you so much for this. Please answer one of my doubts, is z prestige variants available in manual or only in automatic. The variant you reviewed has a z badging but is manual whereas there is no such variant shown on their website. Please clarify.

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