Jun 09

2020 BMW Pickup Truck

Usually, when we see an independent pickup truck study from an automaker that has yet to announce their intentions for thee segment, it’s mostly something that reflects that particular brand’s present day design language. Such was the case with BMW pickup truck rendering from last February, which seemed like somebody strapped new headlights on an X5 and made it look a bit more modern and rugged. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, although if you want to take things further, you could do what designer Taekang Lee did here, and think of something that looks out of place in the carmaker’s current lineup. After going through these images, it looks pretty mean, especially from the front. The profile is aggressive as well, but that front end looks like it belongs on something that plays the villain in a Robocop movie. As for the rear, you could say it’s a bit too simple, although the taillights are somewhat BMW-ish. Perhaps if they were stretched out a bit more, the truck would have looked better from that angle.

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render: Taekang Lee


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  1. Mike Smith

    Looks like the approach angle is about the same as a as there 535 series..its not a serious off road design..its a tippy truck

  2. Beni Cristi

    e misto te dreacu

  3. Zacky Mohmand

    I don't know. It looks like it's been stung by a bee and it got all swollen 🤣

  4. jessie morales

    And it’s going to have valve steam seals problems

  5. Crazy Şahin

    Nice Montage

  6. Eugenio Zamora

    Mil beses. La raptor

  7. Star Victoria

    I would buy this bitch today!

  8. Benny Mshudulu

    This is beautiful and I still wish BMW could consider a kombi .thanks.

  9. Dylen Mauree


  10. sean finnegan

    OMG my dream car a pick up made by BMW hope it's not just a concept love pick-ups and love BMW's

  11. Asri Adam

    This is real or whatsapp?

  12. مستر جاك

    US pickups . Keep standing on the throne.

  13. Clarence Boggs

    Can’t even make a decent car, let alone a truck 😆

  14. ADIMAN & dostor's


  15. เถ้าแก่ สายฝุ่น


  16. David Maez

    I'll stick to my Chevy's


    No me gustó y aunque me hubiera gustado, podría comprarla !!
    Saludos. !!

  18. Richard Kgotlaetsile

    This pick up its a beast

  19. กวีรวัฒน์ สกุลโรจนกิจ


  20. aje Ttv

    Depends the price they have to compete 60,000 less dollars or no one will buy this but dumb rich people, when there's cheaper 4×4 now under 50,000

  21. love jesus forever

    Bmw and pickyp hahah fuck bmw

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