Feb 25

2020 Chevrolet Malibu Premier (2.0L Turbo) – Review

Front head room 39 “
Rear head room 38 “
Front shoulder room 59 “
Rear shoulder room 57 “
Front hip room 54 “
Rear hip room 53 “
Front leg room 41.5 “
Rear leg room 38.1 “
Luggage capacity 15.7 Cu.Ft.
Maximum cargo capacity 15.7 Cu.Ft.
Standard seating 5

Length 194.2 “
Body width 73.0 “
Body height 57.3 “
Wheelbase 111.4 “
Curb 3,223 Lbs.

Fuel tank capacity 15.8 Gal.
EPA mileage estimates 22 City / 32 Hwy

Base engine size 2.0 Liters
Base engine type I-4
Horsepower 250 Hp
Horsepower rpm 5,300
Torque 260 Lb-Ft.
Torque rpm 2,000
Maximum towing capacity 1,000 Lbs.
Drive type Front-Wheel
Turning radius 18.5 ”


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  1. Aaron Email

    So they remodeled the front end fog lights? That's it? And to think, GM killed off the more beautiful and spacious Impala to keep the Malibu thriving? I'm sickened. #IMPALA4EVER

  2. Bulent Topraklii

    NEVER again Chevy, never again gm, God of Engine power reduced issues

  3. Mike U

    i have an 09, its a beauty never lets me down

  4. Gregory Shufelt

    I'm not impressed with the Malibu. The car is under powered and handling is a chore out on the highway. The outside is plain and boring. It has no detailing to spark interest or make the car more attractive to customers. Inside, the car is uncomfortable. You have to play with the seat adjustments for several minutes, parked and while driving. Interior is shabby and cheap plastic. I'm happy I didn't buy this car. I decided to try out the Impala. Far better than this cheap knock off of a Toyota.

  5. Nick Heidenfelder

    I am looking to purchase a 2020 Chevy Malibu soon and I was wondering if you guys can share some pros and cons about this car? I have heard some bad things about steering/handling and I am curious about the CVT transmision and its reliability? Also anything else you can add about the car that you like and dont like. Honest reviews will be much appreciated!

  6. Milton Poo

    Just rented and drove one of these from Baltimore, MD to Tampa, Fl and back. It was comfortable to drive

  7. xkingx ____

    Mustang ss?

  8. Da Rob&Nea Show

    I got a2018 Malibu😍😍😍😍this one is nice as well😍😍😍😍👍👍

  9. Keith Sweat

    Why tf do they think 34k is reasonable price for a baby impala

  10. Virgil Edwards

    34K for a Malibu… This is why GM is losing to competitors.

  11. Турсуной Хон

    This car produces Uzbekistan and USA

  12. pontiacGXPfan

    Like it but wish it had the V6

  13. SuperMrBentley

    2005 called… It wants its malibu back

  14. Nasimjon Doniyarov

    Good 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  15. khayrullo_ 123

    35.000$ of Uzbekistan

  16. TOUKO

    No rain detector on it ??, but may be it has another name in US .

  17. MEDiAgamer

    Can the center LCD display show a full readout of the map and navigation directions? If not it's kind of a wasted feature.

  18. Oscar So

    wheres the e brake?

  19. Richard Williams

    Don't like

  20. Gem 42

    I’ve got a 2016 and I love it

  21. blakespower

    which is a better car to buy? the Ford Fusion Titanium or the Malibu Premier?

  22. Ramziddin Toxirov

    Uzbda 36,5 $dollarda chiqyabti

  23. Scicee Gee

    Nice rental car

  24. Qahramon Hakimov

    Wake up neo

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