Nov 26

2020 Chevrolet Trailblazer – First Look

Don’t look now, but for 2020 Chevrolet rolls another nameplate out of mothballs with the Trailblazer crossover. Does this one take after the previous midsize body-on-frame SUV? Nope. This one is smaller, more affordable and if it’s blazing any trails they are genteel ones. But, when your most exotic destination is Trader Joe’s like a lot of SUV purchasers, then this is a stylist little nugget.


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  1. DougE Fresh

    The nicest thing I can say is it doesn’t have an I pad on the top of the dashboard ! Can’t stand those things 🥴

  2. Ivan Vojt

    Does it have "simulated performance"?

  3. Brian Buehler

    You've got me at "wireless carplay"!

  4. Felix Pascual Jr


  5. Chow Down Detroit

    Tesla’s making future trucks. GM’s going back to the past.

  6. David Runyon

    It's not a 2020, it's a 2021. Would have thought a car focused company would fact check and get that right but I guess you're just too busy low-balling the values of pre-owned vehicles.

  7. Coco Taveras

    Anybody get a chance to see the CyberTruck?

  8. Christopher Morton

    Have 07 trailblazer can towing our camper 3,800 lbs with inline 6 no plm so this new one can't ……. Just wish they not making "crossover" so next one maybe I wud get Tahoe or Colorado or full size truck

  9. Jesus Cabral

    Thank you chevy for getting rid of the So Dated air vents.

  10. Cubs Fan63

    I have an '07…what a travesty this is. GM is being run by a bunch of millenials obviously. But who cares, this KBB girl is the real reason I love this video…gracious.

  11. Marco polo ss

    lyn sucks….more crap from GM

  12. Mel Rose

    A desperate attempt from a desperate company.

  13. Lumbardh84

    good thing my family kept the '02 TrailBlazer around for all these years. This is a travesty, I had a bad feeling when Chevy originally pulled the TrailBlazer off the market and replaced it with a bubbly Equinox and Traverse a few years back.

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