Dec 05

2020 Isuzu D-Max – New Car

The Isuzu D-Max just got a significant update, inside and out. With a new exterior design, new tech for the interior, and a new engine under the hood, this pickup packs more than just good looks.

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  1. Dudley Van Baugbog

    Ganda may differential lock na muscular engine hp190ps torque 450nm plus new interior patay ang hilux at strada dito 🤣🤣

  2. Nestor Suson

    Cant modify rear bumper

  3. Tedison

    Ba't kaya di nalang nila lagyan ng =16 para hindi na mapag tripan ng mga tambay?

  4. Jason Lim

    Nice upgrade with a wide screen lcd not those 6-8 inch display

  5. Joshua Mawango

    The length of the vehicle you displayed @0:15 doesn't seem accurate

  6. Unknownd

    Interior is waaaaaay way better compared to the previous model! Can't wait for mu-x

  7. John Lloyd Espina

    Is it available in the Ph market already?

  8. jainal abeee

    Looking forward sa mux

  9. Mojo

    needs a v6 urgently

  10. RonVenture PH

    Hindi na underpower sya pa may pinakamagandang interior at may pinaka malaking engine. Yari na ang mga kakompetensya haha

  11. Paul M

    Timing gear finally making a comeback

  12. angeles dy

    I hope and pray n magroon din rz4e 1.9 4×4. Nagagandahan at simple lang🤘💪👊🤟😇

  13. Oppanda

    Very nice but those ugly mofo rims tho😂😂😂

  14. Mark Raniel Masalihit

    My dream pick up since college,mas maporma cya ngayon.

  15. lemonhead

    sana sa pilipinas meron dn. 😊😊

  16. Chad Chady

    Pansin ko lang Mas Maganda Interior ng D-Max kaysa MUX.

  17. Ivy Aguas

    Cool. Can't wait for Mux to follow.

  18. marlon wong sy

    patibayan ng makina ISUZU ako

  19. Tomato Madness

    I got so excited when I saw the steering wheel!! looks good!

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