Dec 09

2020 isuzu D-MAX – Perfect Truck!

2020 Isuzu D-Max unveiled: 3.0-litre lives on! More power, more safety, more tech

The 2020 Isuzu D-Max ute has been released in Thailand. A power boost for the 3.0-litre engine, better off-road ability, advanced safety tech, Apple Car Play and Android Auto are the headline acts.

The next generation Isuzu D-Max has officially broken cover in Thailand ahead of its Australian showroom arrival in 2020.
Loaded with technology, the new model has catapulted the Isuzu D-Max from a bare bones proposition to one of the most advanced utes in the class.

These latest images taken from the Isuzu website in Thailand show the next generation Isuzu D-Max is all-new from the ground up and has grown in every dimension.

The big news is under the bonnet: the 3.0-litre turbo diesel four-cylinder lives on and has been given a power boost from the current model’s 130kW/430Nm output to 140kW/450Nm.

This power figure puts the new Isuzu D-Max into the thick of the action among the class leaders (Ford Ranger 2.0TT 157kW/500Nm, Toyota HiLux 130kW/450Nm, Mitsubishi Triton 133kW/430Nm, Holden Colorado 147kW/500Nm, Nissan Navara 140kW/450Nm, Mazda BT-50 147kW/470Nm).

The new Isuzu D-Max promises to be more capable off-road. A rear differential lock has finally been added (the current Isuzu D-Max doesn’t even have a limited-slip, it’s an open diff) and the wading depth has increased from 600mm to 800mm, equal best with the Ford Ranger and Mazda BT-50. Any deeper and these utes will start to float.

Hill descent control and hill start assist will also form part of the off-road package. The front brake discs have grown from 300mm to 320mm in diameter but the rears appear to still be drum brakes.

The interior of the new Isuzu D-Max has had a major makeover and is a big leap forward from the basic design of the current model.
In the centre of the dash is a 9.0-inch tablet-style central touchscreen with Apple Car Play and Android Auto, and the instrument cluster has a large 4.2-inch digital dash display – with a digital speedometer.
Among the long list of basic mod-cons added – not available on the current D-Max – include one-touch three-flash indicators, dusk-sensing headlights, rain-sensing wipers and height-and-reach adjustable steering.
A sensor key with push-button start unlocks the vehicle within 2 metres of approach and automatically locks when the sensor key is moved more than 3 metres away.
An eight-speaker surround sound audio system is available on top-end models. Flagship versions also get perforated leather sports seats.

To cool the cabin in summer and warm it in winter before you get in, certain variants of the new Isuzu D-Max have remote engine start. Dual zone air-conditioning is available and rear air vents have been added for back seat passengers.
The new D-Max is available with a UV-protection windscreen and has “wet” wiper arms (the washer nozzles are embedded into the blade rather than squirting from the bonnet).

Meanwhile, new factory-fitted parking sensors have four sensor heads each for the front and rear for more accurate warnings. The extra parking sensors form part of the new Isuzu D-Max’s auto parking mode, which means the power steering has switched from hydraulic to electric. The rear bumper now has a more integrated design.
The video presentation to media in Thailand showed the new Isuzu D-Max will be available with advanced safety aids such as rear cross-traffic alert and blind zone warning. Although autonomous emergency braking was not highlighted, this is expected to be added to Australian models given it is now a requirement for five-star safety ratings.
Read More https://www.caradvice.com.au/799547/2020-isuzu-d-max-unveiled-3-0-litre-lives-on-more-power-more-safety-more-tech/

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  1. 전차왕해모수


  2. Byron Wright

    Just a machine. Purpose trumps

  3. kisaragi honoka


  4. liu lin

    Under the ISUZU skin is Ford F-100.

  5. Nagagalak YT

    Bang izin makai musik nya bang saya mau buat vidio review all produck isuzu saya bekerja di isuzu sebagai salesman 🙏
    Mohon izin nya bang

  6. Gregor Jefferson

    Reminds me of a Chevy Colorado except with a V8 engine

  7. Thomas Mackay


  8. Major Adriano

    Seria lindo pra nova geração da Chevrolet S10

  9. イワナミトモハル

    15年前までビッグホーン乗っていましたがトラブル多くて失望しました。メーカー社員の技術が未熟な上、販売店の整備士の質が低いです。ターボ焼き付き2回、オイル上がり、散々でした。国内販売撤退は当然でしょう。トラックエンジンのシュア上位もひと昔の話、排ガス抑制装置はお粗末もの 機能しない上、警告出て修理出せば立派な請求よこすし同じ所不具合でまた請求するし。

  10. lil Diaz

    Looks like a tacoma and silverado hybrid

  11. John Gibbs

    Looks like a chevy

  12. Timothy Mckee

    This a a rebadged Chevy Colorado.

  13. Elias Perez

    D-Max es el rey en las zonas rurales de Rep. Dominicana, sobre el Toyota Hilux y la Nissan Frontier

  14. Mike Awg

    190hp..??…wowwww👍👍👍awesome truck…!!!

  15. โตมอญ รามอินทรา

    กระจังหน้ากับไฟหน้า กันชนท้ายไม่สวย

  16. Hardiansyah Hardiansyah

    Suspensi lebih nyaman yg 2005/ 2006. Tenaganya lebih oke di banding yg baru

  17. you166mhz

    how about a new truck for under $15,000 ? — with a standard transmission ….

  18. János Miklósi János

    Tőkéletes Alkotás.Gratulálok az Isuzunak.

  19. william dolezal

    I may be asking prematurely gas or diesel

  20. Alex Tel

    Машина огонь! Гениальное воплощение в жизнь идей инженеров и дизайнеров. Браво господа. Мечта а не машина.

  21. Michael B


  22. Uh-Uh-Uh!

    0-60 in a mind blowing 12.1 seconds! Really, I have no idea. Looks good though

  23. 이현상

    이거정식수입되면 픽업들학살하겠네

  24. mds19238

    Your overly dramatic commercial…what a waste of time.
    The commercial within the commercial…I won't waste the time of day for any more of these.

  25. Annon Skeete

    Looks good.

  26. RIPPER334


  27. みどりちゃ


  28. Deepak Sharma

    They will take out these features and launch in India with 'New 2020 Isuzu'. Indian automobile industry sucks up nice features and delivers crap, keeping the amount high!! Govt keeps mum!!

  29. James Oh

    다들 일본 불매운동 하는데 일본차 광고하는 마인드는 무엇?

  30. Gökhan ÖZ

    Güzel bir pick-up üretmiş ısuzu. Ama aracın ne ; ısuzu dediğinde pek havalı değil.

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