Feb 06

2020 | Opel Corsa 1.2 Turbo 96 kW POV Autobahn Drive + Acceleration 0 – 200 km/h

Video of Peugeot 208 or new Renault Clio? Skip to the end, we recorded these cars also!
New Opel Corsa is standing on the same platform as PSA’s Peugeot 208, but it’s absolutely different car in term of driving feel. It has stiffer chassis, more direct steering and „normal“ dashboard, where you are able to see driving display. Honestly? It’s a great car


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  1. MM Automotive

    13:58 – Acceleration 0-200 km/h

  2. lupin3 Cavallari

    Sembra andar bene

  3. искак мухамедяров

    Машина класс.!

  4. Murat Çağlın

    Gaç paraysa 😢

  5. Виталий Опра

    Сколько стоит эта машина?

  6. Benzinio

    3 cyl sounds awful… bloody French 🙁

  7. Me Ballerman

    Eeew eeeew eeeew – electronic electronic electronic. Buuuh. Electronic gear change, electronic dashboard – and start/stop button. Nobody wants a start button, everybody wants a key. And what was he setting in the beginning with tah switch he pushed? Damn modern cars are so fucking gay. It looks very nice from the outside though. I always had an Opel heart. I owe and old Corsa C myself. But I despise modern day cars and the idiotic electronics that nobody asked for. Does it come with a manual gearbox? – Can I get one without the start/stop button? Real men want the feel of turning the key.

  8. Roland Mesaros

    is it loud inside?

  9. the prank mad

    Only 3000 km😥😥😥it's early to pull it like this…

  10. The truth will set you free

    Downhill max speed, mate.

  11. Andreyxiv

    doesn't shake too much on 17 wheels? thanks for video

  12. Jessy James

    Dual or single clutch? It seems to change gear slowly

  13. Juan Domingo Martin

    Such a nice car, and it also has a really good engine. I think i prefer the 208, but the Corsa is also a very nice option. Good video!

  14. Ibadrerie Corsa

    How does it drive compared to the old one ?

  15. Anders Nielsen

    Price in my country: 35.000 euro.

  16. LetsGO PumaGepard

    super car opel is return now Manta is coming….inside and out first class

  17. Josh Galka

    Wow! Not bad…

  18. davy vermeiren

    I work at opel dealership, got to drive this car for a 100 meter today, offcourse I floored it, acceleration is good, 1st gear is too short, very short gearing I'm guessing it runs out off oumphf at higher speeds, defenitly a cool car

  19. Piovo

    96kw in bhp?

  20. BlaQ

    that's pretty fast for a 1.2 engine

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