Feb 10

2021 Chevrolet Tahoe/Suburban – Redline: First Look – 2020 Chicago Auto Show

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If you need a vehicle that can tow heavy loads and carry 8 people in comfort, the #ChevroletTahoe and #ChevroletSuburban have long been the standard in the segment. For 2021, both the #Tahoe and #Suburban get a complete redo that includes a first-ever fully independent rear suspension. The increases interior space by over 30% and for the first time ever an optional 3.0L #Duramax diesel 6-cylinder engine which should give it the best fuel economy in the segment. It goes on sale in the spring of 2020.


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    Dodge said hold my beer and slapped a hellcat motor in their Durango

  2. Robbyota 559

    What happened to Truck platform? It's just another SUV. I would like to see one those things off road.

  3. Cockstruction Worker

    For some reason, no fog lights was the most surprising thing about the new Tahoe. Once he pointed that out it just looked like it was missing something.

  4. Tanmay Jamwal

    go check out the bugattis and koegnigseggs!

  5. Gregory Jefferson

    Somebody is a tad bit salty about the Caddy snub.

  6. Elite Exposure

    GM is garbage. Send all your unreliable garbage to China and keep it away from the American people.

  7. Anthony Maldonado

    Wow nice suburban loving it

  8. Nick Gers

    A fully loaded 4×4 suburban is pushing 80k. It looks cool but for that price I'm not going to Chevy! Fords prices on the Expedition are just as nuts! I'm going foreign with that price range!

  9. MEDiAgamer

    Yikes… That's some rough camera work for the opener.

  10. Rae

    Beautiful 😍😍

  11. Ken Silva

    Even though the man is short he said its a STEP to get onto the vehicle. No retracting steps? Or steps at all?

  12. TONESS

    The more I see the new tahoe and suburban, its slowly growing on me. Liking it more and more

  13. Elena Soto

    I love Chevy since my first car I still with Chevy 🥰

  14. Michael Ugarte

    Great videos but loose the music after the intro. It gets a little too intrusive as I am trying to focus on your vehicle overview. Keep up the great work, Sofyan!

  15. Franz Franz

    Does this has the 4 wheel steering?

  16. Ballbert_ Gumball

    Wow, that lady was so loud

  17. Jerry wtf


  18. Jay K

    4:24 rolling eyes

  19. Aby Alex

    Why hasn't the new Escalade being featured in the channel?

  20. AT Muziq

    Those aren’t “two hdmi” aren’t HDMI lol. It’s twi USB C and two USB 2.0 to be compatible with the new modern tech coming out with new chargers.

  21. jr el rey

    Wtf shit might as well show off the new 2030 taho…

  22. Read Zechariah 12:10

    You don't need the annoying music in the background.

  23. AMODEUS316

    Buyers beware….I think Chevy snuck in that horrible automatic engine stop go stuff. Can you imagine the idiocy in doing that to a 400+HP V8? I think they are betting the public is just going to accept it. I'm betting they won't.

  24. Theepan Vr

    That's a Chevy Ta No.

  25. Kenneth john

    get rid of the stupid gear shifter buttons

  26. Jean Viloria

    Uhhh idk how I feel about it…

  27. Sahota Gaming

    Hell ya cant wait to buy the new Tahoe

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