Aug 17

2021 Isuzu D-Max Pricing and Specifications | CarAdvice

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Everything you need to know about the all-new 2021 Isuzu D-Max ute.

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  1. Cascito

    I hope this will launch in India soon…

  2. shaun granger

    I think its the best for now

  3. Ben Wilkinson

    Coil rear would have been good

  4. ben

    All video content by Isuzu.

  5. AsakoKagurazaka

    Auto dimming rear mirror – Achilles heel.

  6. Raymond Morgan

    I like my 2015 ls terrain had it since new , yeah its noisy and not as advanced as the others but its super reliable prob hands down best engine , I see ppl complaining about things like ride confront etc but if you buying a 4×4 for what its meant for you normally change it lol 🤷‍♂️

  7. Zechlar

    buying 2020 dmax , hope to buy this soon also

  8. Zoren Villanueba

    This is good, hopefully ill get one i love this

  9. Krane Smith

    Goodbye Ford Ranger Craptor 😂

  10. dutoiu hour

    Isuzu has delivered 😂

  11. Chesmere

    Those rims suck. Come on isuzu u can do better

  12. ZLR k

    Stolen video. I have seen this video somewhere. Oh, Isuzu Dmax Australia channel

  13. senni bgon

    Any news when the new mu-x be unveiled

  14. Gibbet Hoskins

    Damn this thing looks awesome

  15. Amir Aburaya

    Bold of you to assume that there will be 2021

  16. bruce mullins

    Not a bad looking truck. It's not a Silverado or a Sierra but I like it. Although I'd hate to have to replace wiring harness or the computer.

  17. Paulus Hangula

    The only truck I would give up my Hilux for. Saw one in the flesh and it looks bold. It looks just like how a truck should look like BOLD

  18. jarold siriban

    toyota hilux and ford ranger should be worried about this isuzu Dmax 💯😁

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