Sep 02

2021 Isuzu D-Max X-Terrain In-depth off-road review | CarAdvice

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After eight years of plying the same hardware, Isuzu Ute Australia finally has some fresh metal to show off: 2021 marks an all-new Isuzu D-Max ute. We take a look at the interior, price of the range, on-road dynamics and take it off-road with a water crossing for the ultimate test.

00:00 – Preview of trip
01:10 – Pricing
02:04 – Exterior
03:38 – Tray
04:50 – Engine on-road
09:42 – River crossing
11:48 – Interior
15:12 – Off-road
17:22 – Conclusion

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  1. Sebastian Bueno

    Hermosa Camioneta!!!

  2. Crimson Sunshine

    Has it got a center diff????? Major short coming if not!

  3. Huw Williams

    I'm totally underwhelmed by this 'completely new' ute. As far as I can see it's just a 'same old formula' pickup truck but with some distinct practical disadvantages, such as only two tie-downs in the bed [what good are even those two light duty staples?], a silly toy 'sport bar' made of plastic instead of a proper ladder rack/rear window guard. A lacklustre interior festooned with cheap piano-black and general black plastic that shows up every spec of dust. "Still behind the best", so certainly not good enough for what is claimed to be a brand new model from the ground up. Looks like is has been built down to a price. Let's hope that the price will substantially undercut the competition from the get-go.

  4. Jimmick Naawi

    Look more like Holden Colorado 😂

  5. Rizki Oye

    Isuzu mux 2021 ?

  6. David Cullen

    Anyone who pays between $65K – $70K for that doesn't have a brain in their head. Considering the entire unit was manufactured in Thailand for about $5K

  7. kloppskalli

    does the interior of the brown/orange car come without that bit of brown leather now? the Thai presentation car still had two colour interior

  8. Arif Abdullah

    I-Suzu? Hahaha..

  9. Andrew Threlfall

    No manual in the X-Terrain…. complete fail

  10. red bitter123

    Didn’t know you had a twin brother.

  11. John Holland

    Lucky you didn't get booked for the unsecured load in the back

  12. Sir Alucard

    In the whole review, this joke of a bloke did not make sense all in all great ute.

  13. Mohammad Khan

    Good review, good to watch but i cant afford it.. looks like you guys were in turon river area..nice place, i was crossing that river with my nissan xtrail t30 .

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