Jun 14

5 Things: 2020 Isuzu D-Max LS-T | CarAdvice

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It’s not a market leader in terms of ride and refinement, nor is it endowed with the latest and greatest in technology. But in terms of sales in the competitive 4×4 ute segment, the Isuzu D-Max has always managed to punch well above its weight with Australian buyers.

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  1. Annalee Vazquez




  2. Scott McGee

    Is it true Toyota 79 start grass fires mate? I can’t be burning grass, I’m waiting for the 2021 Hilux review I think 👍

  3. Andre Kleyn

    I must say in this spec level it looks really good. The interior looks solid and soft on the eye. Ride quality is probably its "less" liked feature, although I think it's an acquired taste. Looking forward to the new model 🤩

  4. Santa Luciano

    Esta bien cheveres

  5. pm

    1. best engine of any ute
    2. weakest CVs of any ute
    3. weak(er) rear axle.

  6. Roughie king

    That's not even the 2020 version, but I'll rather get it over the new hilux, exterior and interior of the new max is definitely worth the money along with the 6 speed manual.

  7. Abbas Hote

    Hello from Pakistan. Great review. I own one and it is built to last. Never a dull moment driving it.

  8. Mark Kuman

    Great review. Very useful information. Hello from Papua New Guinea!

  9. Alex Flores

    that is not the new ISUZU

  10. dinho890i

    Thailand already got the new one and its gorgeous

  11. Naeem Iqbal Mogra

    Isuzu is worth the buy! Very reliable

  12. Pedro Areias

    In Europe we get a 1.9L !

  13. Ghost

    nice content bro

  14. olec accra

    Good engine, bad design, terrible features: like a good dough on a pizza but with the expired toppings

  15. M F

    2:52 did you pretend to grab a usb point thats not their ?

  16. Adriane Cantil

    The only pickup that i known so far that is built like a tank 👊

  17. Jøe_Playz-Gaming Join Now

    It can handle a lot of kilometers

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