May 22

7 Differences Between the 2019 GMC Sierra & Chevrolet Silverado: The Short List

The 2019 GMC Sierra is launching this fall along with an equally new Chevrolet Silverado. But these two full-size trucks are NOT merely carbon copies of each another. In fact, you might just be surprised by all the ways they differ.

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  1. John Grytbakk

    Sure want that GMC.

  2. King Montero

    Well Chevrolet must have a redesign to the Silverado next year…

  3. sadie63

    GMC still using that fake looking air intake above the grill but bigger now than on the 18's. Fog lights are more useful if they are closer to the ground like the Silverado and not vertical but horizontal but they were just going for the bullshit cool factor. looking more like a dump trunk with every new edition. I would like to see how long that leather dash last's in the hot Texas sun, maybe 5 years.

  4. Lawrence Lambert

    When did gm go to an i6 turbo diesel? Though that was rams thing

  5. Marc Henri

    Those side mirrors look really, really ugly…. why did they put them on the doors?

  6. alliejr

    Why does the interior of the GMC look like a Fisher Price toy or Tonka truck? I think GM is trying for "premium". Fail.

  7. Brenden Pragasam

    The difference: the GMC has a face and the Chevy has a mask made from a black plastic trash bag

  8. GT6SuzukaTimeTrials

    hemp fiber > carbon fiber

  9. Blake Swan

    This video is awful. Love Craig but this is not a strong offering. When the climax of the video is a tailgate, you know it's a bad video

  10. Curtis Reid

    If the Chevy High Country wasn’t come with these features, it will. It’s just a matter of time.

  11. Darius Hope

    More,junk to mess up

  12. Darius Hope

    Ugly trucks

  13. MrTonifumi

    The nerd is right. This was meant to be an auto news report…. not a skit on SNL. Stick to automotive FFS!

  14. mhs vz

    That carbon fiber bed is cool. And the new tailgate – awesome!

  15. knockali

    That troll should be in every review

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