Nov 03

All New isuzu D-max 2020 | 2020 isuzu D-max facelift | 2020 isuzu D-max facelift interior & Exterior

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  1. Ktm Sx


  2. SMARS Project

    I love D max.. Since it was release from 1st gen. 😊

  3. INA chief netaji subhash chandra bose

    The blue and saffron looks awesome but not the white one😂😂
    The white one looks like a Toyota innova from the front😂

  4. Sai Akhil Vem

    When will this launch in India?

  5. Aulia Afzal

    It's gonna be my car someday.

  6. jonathan giraldo

    Si llegara a colombia? El acuerdo que tenían con Chevrolet termino

  7. Mark Kuman

    Sure to make heads turn. F#cking Sexy! Love the styling. What are the engine specs? Hello from Papua New Guinea!

  8. checker8401

    Does the 3.0 engine also comming in europe??

  9. Gittapong kiawnoi

    Thailand Isuzu sell well

  10. Wayne Pavy

    Do a review. Your shit music and no info video is totally useless

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