Jun 12

Bakkie Gravel Braking Test: Toyota Hilux vs Ford Ranger vs GWM Steed6

In the third instalment of our three-way bakkie shootout, we headed back to our massive, secret gravel pit to test arguably the most important aspect of any bakkie’s dynamics: the ability to stop quickly when not on tarmac.

The bakkie is a class of car that arguably spends more time on gravel roads than any other, and with the double cab bakkie only growing heavier and heavier, we wanted to see which of our three bakkies had the best stopping power.

The test was simple, we’d accelerate each bakkie up to 80km/h and jump on the brakes. We’d laid cones out in 5 metre gaps, which would help us measure the stopping distance quickly and easily.

I would be driving the Toyota Hilux 3.0 D-4D Legend 45, Dave was in the hefty Ford Ranger Wildtrak and Ash would be piloting the wildcard in the group, the GWM Steed6.

All the results can be found at the end of the video. See what we did there.


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    Where is The Foton Tundland

  2. Arthur Kupfer

    Now do the moose test just to show how easily the hilux flips

  3. Marlin Bashengezi

    Toyota is the best

  4. Tracy Sheath

    Where is the Holden Colorado?

  5. Gregory Perkins

    in america an f150 highest spec limited with a 6.5ft bed and the giant supercrew cab and 5.0 v8 is only 100kg heavier with 385 horsepower and 385 torque.

  6. tzeshen lim

    greatwall won

  7. David Taylor

    That was fun! We should do more tests like this.

  8. Kaylin Claude Pillay

    Where is the Amarok….That has Offroad Abs Brakes

  9. Thabs Mashego

    Where is the Isuzu KB guys?

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