Oct 28

Best Dual-Cab Ute: 2018 HiLux v X250d v Ranger v Colorado v D-Max v BT-50 v Triton v Navara v Amarok

2018 Drive Commercial Car of the Year: Best Dual-Cab Ute

Toyota HiLux Workmate v Ford Ranger XLS v Holden Colorado LS v Isuzu D-Max SX v Mazda BT-50 XTR v Mercedes-Benz X250d Pure v Mitsubishi Triton GLX+ v Nissan Navara SL v Volkswagen Amarok Core 420

Our largest category has the biggest names in the ute market.

Read about our winner here: https://www.drive.com.au/car-of-the-year/best-dual-cab-ute-winner-toyota-hilux-workmate-118367.html?trackLink=articleResults6Reviews


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  1. RMH 666

    Excellent review

  2. Quick n speedy

    I love Mitsubishi

  3. Jayden

    The triton should have one this.

  4. Alib Mohamadi

    TOYOTA 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

  5. Craig Henley

    New Bt50 is good

  6. Travsticles

    Hate these reveiws

    All it is is how it looks, what gadgets it have its power

    Do a 0-100,000 k test in same 3 driving conditions

    1 being small runs, 2 being long drive 3. Offroad

    Do a real test on reliability

  7. Justin Davis

    Wow, no mention of the wide range of well documented issues plaguing some of these tops utes. Another bs review not worthy of potential buyers.

  8. Semper Fidelis

    Why you put 2 Navaras the one with Mercedes badge ?

  9. Tim Hill

    Well after reading the comments I still can’t decide.

  10. Luca 2211

    Ahaha hilux such a piss weak engine. And of course another biased review and Toyota wins.

  11. Muhammad Aslam

    Isuzu D-Max good vehicle👍

  12. janes Hawwy

    Colorado wins by the length of the flemington straight. Most powerful with all the technology needed and most capable towing. Cheaper than most counterparts too.

  13. Frank Varga

    Mate it's a wonder you are still employed in reviewing vehicles, but all good you are on Toyota's books, what an absolute 18 minutes of crap. You might want to have a look at a real review of the Hilux. Mr John Caddogan be a good start. (you probably know him) anyway The Hilux Doesn't even make the top 3 in real reviews nor should it. It's an overpriced over rated hype been purchased by the motoring illiterate with blinkers on idolizing that pony tailed creature who assured them there is nothing better out there in those million dollar ads.

  14. JakemanSnakeman

    I'm sorry but the hilux is not the best I could honestly say the best best for a family is the triton. Best for truck use is the d-max best for being uhh… shit best for indestructiblity is hilux?

  15. Trevor Evans

    Very interesting to hear everyone’s opinions. I have driven them all also (apart from the Merc) and have found the Amarok outstanding. All great utes though. I found the Dmax to be very noisey. Very hard to beat the Colorado and Ranger as fantastic package deals but it’s the Amarok for me. $40,000 drive away 2 weeks ago. V6 currently 49,990 drive away. Spoilt for choice!

  16. ferkemall

    Triton & the Mazda forget the rest ! /UK

  17. ferkemall

    Remember the old days when a truck was truck and a car was a car !

  18. Cristian Hc

    Toyota Hilux #1 😎

  19. phosphorescent

    This review seems to be about creature comforts not performance

  20. The DeadVibe

    How many does the Triton burn?

  21. Kyel Dorries

    It doesn't take a genius to know that the contest is between the d-max and colorado. Test are junk or outdated.

  22. Kyel Dorries

    This review wasn't sponsored by Toyota at all…..

  23. iaVis 69

    ___ NAVARA the best !! ____

  24. Rocking in a free world

    Let’s face it . Toyota is not the best but it will outlast the rest.

  25. NZ WOTB

    80s and 90s utes are better because they don't have as much technology that could fail easily

  26. Edmund Bajenting

    I notice that 2018 isuzu in thr video is not the same here in Philippines 2018…

  27. erick robert coquilla

    A bias review toyota is not safe to drive.

  28. Outdoors

    Now review the updated MR Triton

  29. hungrynapps

    Bleh . I want a 6month after review . Lol … that's when the problems start

  30. James May

    D max is only for people who don’t squat to pee

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