Jan 23

CAR magazine’s mega double-cab bakkie shootout!

No, your eyes don’t deceive you. We have indeed gathered representatives from all the major players in the leisure-oriented double-cab bakkie market in a bid to crown the best lifestyle pickup currently available in South Africa.

Every one of the contenders taking part in our big double-cab shootout boasts a turbodiesel engine, along with an automatic transmission and 4×4. So, which one is the best leisure-bakkie of the lot?

Well, we drove them on tar, we drove them on gravel … we even hooked up a caravan for a towing test. And then, of course, we put each of them through their paces round an off-road course.

Will the new Nissan Navara make an impact? And what about the dark-horse Mitsubishi Triton? Watch the video above for a taste of the action, and be sure to pick up a copy of our jam-packed May 2017 issue to read the full 16-page test…


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  1. Drennan Rutherford

    I'm Canadian so we don't have any of these but why do they all look exactly the same?

  2. Jarrod James

    Holden colorado

  3. DJ AND LJ

    Jou fokken dom doos hoekom het jy nie die 3.0 v6 amorok gebruik en nog die ergste is jy gebruik n ou amarok waar die ander karre nuuter is


    sponsored by vw


    video proudly sponsored by volkswagen

  6. Abdul Rezaie

    Evry one knows the hilux is a stronger car and toyota tundra is the stronger car in world

  7. Joseph Namud

    Not complete review

  8. Be Awsome

    is colorado good for towing or ranger is better?

  9. okeri musupi

    Guys can other bakkies be reliable ,durable and can they last long like the Mighty Hilux and KB?

  10. Shifa Ali

    ford ranger xlt if there would be wildtrak than ford first

  11. Shifa Ali

    you know mr kruger you fuck hilux

  12. Serero Modise

    Was this about finding the bakkie closer to SUV or what. you seem to have lost the plot. the toyota followed by the isuzu are the only bakkies serving the purpose of the bakkie. the amarok a big no no unless you buy it for leisure not for hard work. i will buy the amarok the day it wins the dakar rally race a few times.

  13. Fred Clock

    I agree perfectly with the Amarok being first. It's really the best all the rounder. The Triton, I'm fairly neutral about however and this is my beef! EVERY SINGLE CAR REVIEWER SAYS RANGER OVER HILUX. That #RangerDanger is really rubbish. Slow to respond, the panel gaps are something else, fuel consumption on a V8 Diesel Cayenne is better. You have to engage 4×4 for the simplest tasks where the Hilux goes 4×2 + a little speed is enough. Cruise control cannot maintain the speed uphill and downhill its doing more than what I set it to. Build quality… Well I drove on soft sand and the side step fell off. Had to replace a leaf spring and the 4×2 to 4×4 knob has broken twice and a could other things and many thousands of rands later I sold it for a Hilux and I have driven the Hilux further than the Ranger and no problems! HOWEVER the biggest lie is that seeing the cars sales on News24 and the Hilux is always top there. So if anything it seems that Ford pay reviewers to say good about their rubbish car. My wish is for once these reviewers can agree that Hilux is better than Ranger! The sales numbers don't lie

  14. Ryan Rusovic

    Toyota hilux it is

  15. Harley Daikee


  16. stendec Stretcher

    Good honest educated review. Thank you.

  17. FabricOfCataclysm

    navara is the first one with a rear multi link suspesion ?????? ssangyong has this for years now

  18. Pankaj Seebaluck

    Amarok the best

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