Feb 15

Chevrolet Camaro SS vs Ford Focus RS Drag Race and Exhaust Sounds

This video features my Chevrolet Camaro SS vs Ford Focus RS Drag Race and Exhaust Sounds.

This is my old car Chevrolet Camaro ss which i have before Audi s3. So i already sold and i miss it. 🙁
Mods on camaro: borla axle back exhaust system.
Mods on Focus rs: chiptuning from 306 to 350hp.


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  1. Alfred Ricciardi

    That Camaro sounds awesome!

  2. Summit900

    The Camaro was using his brakes like halfway to make it seem like a closer race. You can see them come one a few times for a brief moment and he started using them a bit before he crossed the finish

  3. Antonio Catalano

    best exhaust sounds ever and Even the race wasn t bad At all but as always good video 😉

  4. Car News Central

    HI guys support me on instagram thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://www.instagram.com/carnewscentral/

  5. Brendan Strong

    It's not even a real focus RS

  6. BoostedVL RB30

    where do u work to be able to afford a camaro and an s3

  7. Dave Miller

    Theres no way a 4 cylinder tincan is going to beat a V-8. Should have made it real and run against a 5.0 Mustang

  8. 1423 171

    camaro sounds infinitely better and let off near the end but still won

  9. Nazareno Fernandez

    The ultimate Asphalt 8 decision

  10. Ahmet Garic

    we all know the ss wins the sound battle


    how do you consider if its a a possitive or negative change from camaro ss to an audi S3? I mean not fuel economy, just performance, acceleration, stability and comfortable?

  12. DazdnConfuzd

    Thought the RS would get him off the line, but it didn't work that way neither.

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